Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook: More Than 100

  • Kindle Edition
  • Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook: More Than 100 Practical Writing Exercises to Develop Your Comedy Writing Skills
  • Gene Perret
  • 11 January 2017
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Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook: More Than 100 Practical Writing Exercises to Develop Your Comedy Writing SkillsThis a workbook that is just that a workbook intending for the reader to work the lesson plans It is well written, easy to understand and leads the aspiring comedy writer gently along the path to knowledge There are one hundred and fifteen exercises and they aren t designed to be done in a day In fact the first exercise you are given could take weeks of research to complete This book is a case where the journey is as important as the destination.The book is la arge format and a larger font so it is very easy to read It is written in a conversational manner which is quite pleasant to follow along with.Anyone truly serious about written or vocal comedy should purchase this book. Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall Practice, practice, practice That is than a joke it s solid advice Consider world class performers in any field golf, figure skating, music, whatever One thing you can safely say about each is that they achieved their level of skill through practice To excel in any endeavor, you must work on and perfect your technique Comedy writing is no exception In this book, Emmy winning TV writer and producer Gene Perret and professional writer Linda Perret have compiled a collection of overcomedy writing workouts that will challenge your joke writing skills and develop your sketch and sitcom writing abilities This book suggests that talent is earned through observation, study, analysis, and repetition The authors also encourage you to analyze your writing, discover where improvement is required, and create your own skill creating exercises The work can be demanding, but that s what it takes to become a success in any field, including comedy writing If you study Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook with or without the companion volume, Comedy Writing Self Taught when your break comes, you will be ready I am very happy with the book It s funny, informative and useful and i would recommend it to any aspiring comedy writers Really helpful I m enjoying the exercises, but the writing isn t great Things are said 3 to 4 different ways and over explained It feels insulting and like he needed to extend the page count I thought about returning it for that reason alone, but I won t because the exercises are new to me and I think they will get me trained up the way I want. Even as a working stand up comedian it helps keep my brain agile and always moving forward I love waking up, having a cigarette and a cup of coffee and going through a couple of exercises I would recommend having a notebook just for the exercises, it will come in handy so you re not mixing up whats an exercise and whats a joke idea you came up with during the day Highly recommend PS Don t smoke kids. .Reviewed by C J Singh Berkeley, CA.Self Taught Is the Best Taught Perrets WorkbookFew years ago, I read Gene Perret s Comedy Writing Workbook,published in 1994 The COMEDY WRITING SELF TAUGHT WORKBOOK, published in 2014, retains only a few of the exercises of the earlier book This co authored book is a briefer version,The WORKBOOK presents its exercises in five parts Part One, General Joke WritingPart Two, General Stand Up WritingPart Three, Writing for Your MentorPart Four, Sketch WritingPart Five, Sitcom WritingHere are a few sample exercises.General Joke Writing A one liner often is a factual statement with a joke attached to it It s a straight line and a punchline Ronald Reagan is one politician who never lied, cheated, or stole He always had a agent who did that for him Exercise 4, page 7.General Stand Up Writing Suppose you are doing gags about mean bosses and are on the subtopic of just how mean he is I work for a mean boss The guy has a black belt in management Once he was out sick and the people in the office sent him a bouquet of Venus flytraps Exercise 32, p 40.Sketch Writing Sketch introduces a premise what s the sketch is about , has fun with the premise, and ends with fun Beginning of a sketch Two friends are walking along the street Suddenly a mugger threatens them and demands all their money and their wallet The second one, though, takes some money from his wallet, hands it to his friend, and says, Here s that 20 I ve owed you for a while Then he hands his wallet to the thief The exercise is to develop the sketch by coming up with other events Exercise 81, page 84 Sitcom Writing Sitcom has a similar structure as a sketch, but differs in being longer and has established characters As an example, the book presents an episode from The Big Bang Theory Penny wants to throw a surprise birthday party for Leonard, who has never had one That s the A story The B story is that Howard has to find some way to keep Leonard out of the apartment until the time of the party The C story is that Penny has to take Sheldon to buy an appropriate gift for the birthday boy All of these plots are related to one another Exercise 88, p 94.Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook is an excellent introduction for beginning comedy writers with many sparkling jokes included. I love the simplicity of the layout and the assignments provided Definitely increased my skills. Love having this workbook to follow the book itself. A great way to get the creative juices going in writing comedy

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook: More Than 100 Practical Writing Exercises to Develop Your Comedy Writing Skills book, this is one of the most wanted Gene Perret author readers around the world.