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Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom Tired Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck Learn Why Some People Work Less But Earn Pay Less In Taxes, And Learn To Make Their Money Work For Them It S Simply Knowing Which Quadrant To Work From And When The Wealthy Know That The Keys To Wealth And Financial Freedom Are Found On The Right Side Of The Quadrant, Through Business And Investing

About the Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom book, this is one of the most wanted Robert T. Kiyosaki author readers around the world.

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    The concept of the Cashflow Quadrant and the emotions, behaviours, AND values of people in each quadrant is the biggest lesson here It is good to have this information at a very young age so you can guide your decisions with the wisdom of this book I recommend this to everyone but i think this will be extremely useful for anyone coming out of college so they can choose a career path and a lifestyle with eyes wide open.Rich Dad, Poor Dad is also excellent but I have always found this a power

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    I found this book to be very helpful in explaining many of the concepts touched upon in the initial Rich Dad, Poor Dad book Although there is significant repetition throughout this book, and repetition of material discussed in the previous book in the series, the repetition is clearly deliberate in order to hammer home key points Personally, I found the repetition to be helpful, for exactly this reason.As a result of the information contained within, and the copious examples, I find myself understa

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    So I finally arrived at the cash flow quadrant Thank you Mr Kiyosaki for imparting you knowledge, Wisdom and understanding of the financial world One of the questions I ve been asking why do the Rich gets richer Has been thoroughly answered in ways than one and I have acquired useful tools, Wisdom and knowledge that will help me to modify my actions I m already en route to the B and I quadrant and this book has been an excellent guide and mentor Thank you again and God bless you sir.

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    An interesting read but keep in mind that the book is based on the American economy.Each country has its own finance and tax laws so research is key.

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    The Rich Dad Poor Dad franchise is the work of a smart man The purpose of the books is to explain the psychology behind financial literacy, which is profound Like with any self help book, you need to develop an understanding of yourself and what is running you which quadrant you are operating out of and why, in Rich Dad terms before you can change People complain that the books are repetitive but really you will keep reading the books until you understand the concepts Once you have done that you can move on to the webs

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    Robert Kiyosaki advocates financial literacy, which explain in part why those who win the lottery may all lose it if their mentality belongs in the wrong quadrants Divided in 4 types, Robert Kiyosaki explains each category and gives his opinion on how you become financially free in each quadrant This is a follow up to RICH DAD, POOR DAD and might sound repetitive at times, but isn t it how we learn By repetition, we might pay attention to certain things we missed out first time around Essential reading for those in network ma

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    This book is a nice reminder of the importance of being financially literate You will certainly not become an expert in the fields of finance and investment just by reading this but at least you might realise you know even less than you thought That feeling was enough for me to commit to educate myself I really recommend this book.Tevin Gongo

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    I finally finished to read this bookI found it very interesting and eye opener to the financial worldI guess this book is for open minded people that is willing to learn and make changes to the financial site of your lifeI loved this book, I have learned few important points and I will recommend it to anybody

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