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Cybernetics: Second Edition: Or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine Reprint Of Second Edition Full Facsimile Of The Original Edition, Not Reproduced With Optical Recognition Software Acclaimed One Of The Seminal Books Comparable In Ultimate Importance To Galileo Or Malthus Or Rousseau Or Mill , Cybernetics Was Judged By Twenty Seven Historians, Economists, Educators, And Philosophers To Be One Of Those Books Published During The Past Four Decades, Which May Have A Substantial Impact On Public Thought And Action In The Years Ahead Saturday Review Cybernetics Was Defined In The Mid Th Century By Norbert Wiener As The Scientific Study Of Control And Communication In The Animal And The Machine Fields Of Study Which Have Influenced Or Been Influenced By Cybernetics Include Game Theory, System Theory A Mathematical Counterpart To Cybernetics , Perceptual Control Theory, Sociology, Psychology Especially Neuropsychology, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology , Philosophy, Architecture, And Organizational Theory Contents Part One Original Edition Newtonian And Bergsonian Time Groups And Statistical Mechanics Time Series, Information, And Communication Feedback And Oscillation Computing Machines And Nervous System Gestalt And Universals Cybernetics And Psychopathology Information, Language, And Society Part Two Supplement Chapters On Learning And Self Reproducing Machines Brain Waves And Self Organizing Systems Very disappointed with this book It starts with an intro that goes on for dozens of pages and the book digresses from there If you are looking to learn about emergence and self organization, this book will demoralize you. Not a good place to start but read it first anyway Then come back every year and read it again until you understand. One of the key foundational works in the field of cybernetics, still incredibly relevant today.

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