Ô Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Complete Set in One Massive

  • Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Complete Set in One Massive Paperback: (Includes Free Access to the Online Multimedia Edition)
  • J Michael Straczynski
  • 06 February 2018
  • 163077054X

11 thoughts on “Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Complete Set in One Massive Paperback: (Includes Free Access to the Online Multimedia Edition)

  1. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    If you enjoy the Babylon 5 universe then you will find this encyclopedia both helpful interesting.A cheaper version of the high quality slip cased, double volume version that has all of the details about characters, places and ships vesselsbut all of the pictures illustrations are black and white, not full colour Heavy weight volume.

  2. Adrian Adrian says:

    Very comprehensive A work of love and dedication.Online version is also included with some extra info and colour screenshots.

  3. Michael Rice Michael Rice says:

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Babylon 5 in one place, and comes with a year s access to online supplementary material including animations, graphics, photos, videos and other supplementary materials to go along with the text.Paperback volume contains all of the information in the hardcover edition and only difference is that the photos are printed in black and white instead of color, but that to me is no big deal as the color images are available online.If you are looking for information about a side character, particular episode, alien species, etc this encyclopedia will point you to what you are looking for.As a Babylon 5 fan who has almost everything, all the novels, comics, DVD Box Set of the show, Crusade, all the Babylon 5 movies including Rangers, this covers all of those and then some with some materials gathered from the old Lurkers forum and old newsgroups back when Babylon 5 was first on the air and when JMS was one of the first people using Online Newsgroups to connect with his viewers.All in all this is a great resource for any hardcore Babylon 5 fan, and even casuals will have to respect the sheer volume of material available here, and who might be converted through reading about and watching the show from casual viewer to hardcore fan like what I have become.

  4. midori midori says:

    This paperback version of the encyclopedia is incredible I don t mind the black and white images, what matters is that the content is complete and nothing important is missing Its size is also really impressive There is so much information in there and in such great detail, you feel like you re holding the Book of G Quan in your hands, ready to explore the Cosmos to find out who you are, what you want, why you are here and where you are going.

  5. Marc Marc says:

    En anglais simple toute la saga et ses personnages d crits avec leur curriculumUn ouvrage poss der apr s les vid os

  6. Client stg2bio.co Client stg2bio.co says:

    Magnifique Et la reliure tient

  7. NM NM says:

    Many books have been written about Babylon 5, and the B5 Encyclopedia is one of the best Fair warning though, it isn t a Episode Guide with detailed summaries and it doesn t break down the major and minor arcs over the original season s five year run It s not made to open to page one and read straight through to the end It s an ENCYCLOPEDIA full of facts, facts, and facts a unique window into the B5 universe.When the original version of the Encyclopedia was released, that version came as a sturdy two volume hardcover set Great quality, hefty, durable, and even signed by series creator everything JMS The original version had a limited print run, making it into an instant Collector s Item It s hard to pop open a Collector s Item on a whim and wander through the entries..all the while fretting over bending or smudging the pages For those of us who were afraid of taking their toys out the box to play with them, we also had access to the online version of the B5 Encyclopedia.Somehow the two volume hardcover set has been successfully repackaged into a single volume paperback edition In September 2019 the total cost sold by is around 58, which is about 75% less than the original Signature version The paperback comes with a one year subscription to the online version, allowing purchasers a 365 day look at the digital version of the Encyclopedia The online version offers not only the basic text images contained in the print versions, but also includes digital media from the series Ex Article on a White Star Ship also includes a media clip of the vessel Although 58 is nothing to sneeze at, for those of us loathe to take the original version out of it s protective case, the paperback will allow us to have our Encyclopedia and read it too Regarding the Encyclopedia s content, would think it covers close to EVERYTHING When re watching parts of the series I would notice something and wonder if that odd bit of trivia was mentioned, and carefully popped open the Encyclopedia..found an entry each time Searching the Encyclopedia at random would be interesting, as the entry at the top of page 461 page 467 in the Sig Ed is hilarious It s an excellent item for B5 fans to own, although no idea if the 2019 paperback is scheduled to be a limited run or will continue to be available in the future This is undoubtedly the most extensive B5 paperback reference work to date, and we won t see it s like again till All Alone In The Night comes onto the scene in 2020 Since many of these books tend to have a limited run, best guess is to Get It While It s Still Available.Book Specs They say it s four pounds Measures a bit under 8 x 10 x 2 ish 827 Pages As it doesn t come shrink wrapped, mine arrived with a few marks on the back cover, but as this is a HUGE paperback, one can expect some cosmetic imperfections Paperback shall be the reading copy to keep the original version pristine.Minor differences between versions Slight difference with the page numbers ex pg 461 PB pg 467 SE and color pictures with the Original Signature version vs black and white in the paperback.Unrelated If one is looking for additional Books About Babylon 5 which contain episode guides breakdowns or detailed descriptions of the series arcs, search the site has a large variety of B5 related books for sale, even those published waaaaay back in the 90s While the Lurker s Guide is certainly a main stay, there are many excellent books available which offer additional details and information.and just as an FYI, in 2019 one can watch B5 for free if one is a Prime Member.Extremely Unrelated As the paperback doesn t come with Purple and Green Ribbons improvise Buy some ribbon and get out the scissors B00C7AYBBA PURPLE B00C7AYMVY GREEN Bookmarks Reading Guides Includes Purple and Green B079G9Z533..actually the last entry is Zviyagin, Sergei Sorry Zathras.

  8. Troy A. Rutter Troy A. Rutter says:

    Wow at 4 pounds this paperback is the complete content as ASIN 163077006X The Babylon 5 Encyclopedia 2 Volume Set Hand Signed by J Michael Straczynski.It also includes a FREE year to the online multimedia edition which is great Instructions for the free login were easy on the first page and didn t require a credit card.I helped edit the original hardcover version, and my copy of the Signature Edition is still in shrink wrap because I want to keep it perfect With the paperback version I can read it and reference it while recording The Babylon Project Podcast without any worries of making a coffee stain like Garibaldi did on the Book of G Kar.

  9. Amanda Maynard Amanda Maynard says:

    This is amazing I own the full color two volume hardcover as well as this book If you missed out on the two volume or just want a cost effective alternative this is a great choice The only posible draw back is that this edition is in black and white However due to its length that is expected If you really want the color version choose the two volume vervion from Babylon5books Also it is important that jms has sanctioned both editions.

  10. B. J. LARKIN B. J. LARKIN says:

    Being able to have this in one full volume is a delight, plus the free access to the Online Multimedia B5 is amazing

  11. bruce storey bruce storey says:

    Very good

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Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Complete Set in One Massive Paperback: (Includes Free Access to the Online Multimedia Edition)An affordable alternative to the BabylonEncyclopedia Signature Editionvolumes, full color images, slipcase, each hand signed by series creator J Michael Straczynski Also on Search One creator, eleven experts and a span of eight years to complete , entries fromcanonical sourcespages and , black and white images paperback edition, hardcover set is color Insides are identical to theset hardcover, including page numbers Instead ofbooks, it s one really, really big book % canonical No suppositions No added fluff with behind the scenes information Just canon Click images to see sample pages It s true You get the complete two volume set of the BabylonEncyclopedia in one, massive,page volume , entries for Babylonand Crusade % canonical, black white imagesEverything in the originalVolume Signature Limited EditionOne FREE year to the multimedia edition avalue no credit card required offer valid worldwideInstructions for getting your one year of free access is on the very first page of the bookIMPORTANT NOTEThe online edition is not an ebook While it contains the text of the entire book, it is a video driven, cross referenced exploration of the , entries Even includes K images and CGI videos Blu ray quality created for exclusively for B Books

About the Author: J Michael Straczynski

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Complete Set in One Massive Paperback: (Includes Free Access to the Online Multimedia Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted J Michael Straczynski author readers around the world.