Storytelling Portrait Photography: How to Document the

Storytelling Portrait Photography: How to Document the Lives of Children and Families Photojournalists are trained to scout important events, capture mood and emotion, predict peak action, and create images that, in an instant, tell a compelling and memorable story In this book, award winning photojournalist Paula Ferazzi Swift from Framingham, MA shows readers how she adapted her photojournalistic approach to create a thriving family portrait business In an increasingly competitive market, professional portrait photographers need to hone their skills to capture heirloom quality images that are a step above the rest With the tips in this book, readers will learn how to use or cultivate a photojournalists precision capture skills to chronicle family moments that matterFerazzi Swift offers ideas for creating a strong and lasting client connection, eliciting memorable moments, finding storytelling locations, inspiring natural action and reactions, and capturing the inter relationships between siblings and between children and their parents Armed with the skills in this book, photographers will be able to capturegenuine, charming, memorable, and expressive portraits that truly depict the familys interests, the subjects personalities, milestone moments, meaningful locations, and the unique bond the family shares

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