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Essentail Adobe Photoshop CC: The Easy Way to Learn Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CC Made EasyMost People Would Love To Use Adobe Photoshop But Find It Somewhere Between Difficult And Impossible To Learn If You Re One Of Them, This Book Can Help You Photoshop Can Be Easy To Learn By Understanding A Few Essential Tools And TechniquesYou Need To Stop Trying To Remember How To Use Lots Of Complicated Tools Instead, Focus Your Attention On Learning The Essentials That Make Photoshop Easy To Use Follow This Book S Chapters, Completing The Exercises And You Ll Soon Be Editing Photos As Though You Ve Been Using The Software For YearsThis Book Is Carefully Organised Into A Series Of Lessons, Each Exploring An Essential Editing Tool Or Technique As You Progress, Each New Lesson Builds On The Previous One, Helping Minimise Repetition, Saving You Time And Making Photoshop Easy It Also Allows You To Go In Depth Into The Areas That Are ImportantYou Will Learn About The Most Important Elements Of The Photoshop Interface As Well As How To Customise These To Your NeedsUsing Adobe Camera RAW To Convert RAW Photo Files Into High Quality ImagesHow Layers Form The Backbone Of Photoshop And How To Use Them To Improve Your EditingRetouching Techniques To Clean Up Dust Spots, As Well As Complex Tasks Like Duplicating And Moving Objects In A PhotoCorrecting Tone And Colour In An Image Using The Levels And Curves Tools The Power Hidden In These Simple Tools Will Surprise YouHow To Convert Your Images To Black And White As Well As Important Techniques Like Dodging And BurningCreating And Using Layer Masks To Precisely Target Your Adjustments On Specific Areas Of An ImageSharpening Your Photos For Professional ResultsA Workflow You Can Use To Consolidate All These Tools And Techniques Into An Easy To Apply ApproachAnd LotsThroughout The Book There Are Many Examples And Exercises For You To Follow You Can Download The Practice Photos For These From My Website, Allowing You To Follow Along On Your Own Computer By The End Of This Book You Will Be Confidently Using Adobe Photoshop CC To Edit Your PhotosThis Is A Comprehensive And Concise Guide To Learning Adobe Photoshop CC You Don T Need To Wade Through Hundreds Of Pages Trying To Understand How To Edit A Photo It Doesn T Matter If You Are A Complete Novice Or Have Some Experience Of Adobe Photoshop CC, This Book Could Help Improve Your Photo EditingThis Book Could Be Your Best Investment In Learning Photoshop

14 thoughts on “Essentail Adobe Photoshop CC: The Easy Way to Learn Adobe Photoshop

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    I initially purchased the e book but now find the printed copy easier to use Pictures, screen shots and diagrams easy to read and annotation helpful I have most of Robin Whalley s book and this is one of the best.

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    Still wotking my way through but has helped me understand Adobe Photoshop .

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    This is an excellent e book It is very well written and the exercises really help you understand and get to grips with the tools and techniques I have learnt knew features in every section As the title says, this book is essential for anyone wishing to improve their photoshop skills

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    Usual high quality from Robin, easy to follow and thorough instructions

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    Only just started to read, so too early to comment.

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    It is a good book and so is his website

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    Fantastic book with easy to follow instructions excellent

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    Great well written and easy to understand

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    Great reference

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    This is a great author, always clear and concise examples accompanied by plain and direct theory Supplied training files can be downloaded as support.

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    Pour ceux qui ne veulent pas ou ne peuvent pas lire les 400 pages du manuel cce livre va a l essentiel rapidement Robin est un tr s bon photographe un peu pointilleux parfois et tr s pedagogue.

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    Having previously downloaded several of his books in the hope of improving my skills in Lightroom and Photoshop I have finally just had to give up I don t know if the problem is that he can t keep up with Abobe s upgrades or what but none of his examples match current layouts so it is impossible to follow them I am also getting very tired of his daily e mails trying to sell me stuff.

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    I really like how thorough Robin is without being too cumbersome I didn t have much trouble following his examples I ve used Photoshop for many years but need to take my skills to a new level This book has helped quite a bit.

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    Well written with lots of useful information just like the rest of the authors photography books

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