Pumpkin Skulls and Other Silly Things: How to carve a

Pumpkin Skulls and Other Silly Things: How to carve a skull out of a pumpkin, one step at a time Follow along with clear, step by step instructions, illustrations and photographs, learn how to make a realistic human skull out of a pear shaped pumpkin, and display it proudly to ward o squeamish visitors You can stop there if you want, but if you re interested in really going down theD pumpkin carving rabbit hole, it s still a really good idea to develop your pumpkin skull carving abilities using a medium where the stakes are low, you re practicing a foundational skill for portraiture or caricature or monstercraft or mask making Because there s a skull underneath almost every kind of face, and that skull is going to inform all the stuff on top of it the muscle, fat, skin, scales, whiskers, horns, warts and all Then go beyond the skull and get some tips on how to turn any ordinary pumpkin into a realistic or surrealistic masterpiece, whether you re trying to win a pumpkin carving contest or just bringing some gruesome joke to life on your front porch If you can get your hands on the right tools and a great pumpkin, this book just might help you execute an idea that s sufficiently weird to justify squandering your valuable time on something that s destined to become mush But first it just might make someone smile Or vomit And that, dear reader, is a truly noble cause

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