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The Evolution of a Girl The Evolution of a Girl is a collection of poetry and prose taking the reader from girl to woman from heartbreak and anger to transformation and rebirth It speaks of the strength we find when learning to accept ourselves and the unbreakable softness that comes from unyielding self love The Evolution of a Girl is a book for those who are hurting, for those who are healing, and for those who are ready to try again. I absolutely adore Lauren Bowman s poetry She has a way of hitting that spot, giving words to the thoughts and feelings that float through me Her poetry never ceases to make me feel validated, inspire and empower me and speaks a truth that I sometimes really need reminding of So it s really nice to be able to have it on paper, always available.If you want to empower yourself, get inspired, feel all the self love and all those goodies, you ve come to the right place For a long time now, I ve been searching for a book of poetry that is a mirror of my own soul I finally found it in The Evolution of a Girl L.E Bowman s words have given light to the feelings I have had a difficult time expressing as I ve gotten older I used to write poetry as a carefree teenager, but have withdrawn within myself as I ve aged and have struggled with the loss of my artistic expression Since reading this book, I have started to write a few things and hope to continue to be able to do so I would like to say thank you to L.E Bowman for releasing her magic unto the world in the form of this beautiful book about the female voyage of self doubt, realization, and growth Truly an inspiring read Literally one of the most beautiful books I ve ever read I ve fallen asleep with it It s perfect, meaningful, inspiring, sad, moving, and powerful Whatever you re searching for and going through, you ll find connection with this book I couldn t recommend it

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  • 23 December 2019
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