The Million-petalled Flower of Being Here PDF Á

The Million-petalled Flower of Being Here Shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize Shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection Vidyan Ravinthiran s second collection is a book of sonnets for his wife These are love poems that turn analytical, consider the world, and in which the pronoun we aspires to stand for a larger community, including if you like readers themselves Many describe life in northern England for a mixed race couple, considering both the redemptive force of love and the cultural origins of our discontentBrexit racist and sexist abuse class our work life balance, and our relationship with institutions be it our employer, or the NHS taboos surrounding mental health civil war in Sri Lanka media representation of minorities immigrant anxieties these poems look inward, but also outward Worrying at the link between society and our private lives, they scorn a politics which would put us all in separate boxes Love, and imagination, may not conquer all, but as recent shocks suggest, we must at least try to understand people different from us

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