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The County Donegal Railways This is a new edition of Dr EM Patterson s first volume on the history of the narrow gauge railways of North West Ireland, originally published inThe County Donegal Railways had a route ofmiles, five termini and three junction stations For the most part they traversed hilly and thinly populated country and for two generations they were a busy and efficient operation This edition adds a valuable chapter of interviews and memories of some of the surviving workers and others who had contact with the railway It also includes a chapter on the County Donegal Railway today as overyears after closure, much can still be seen of the former network , and some additional Glover drawings of locomotive, carriage and wagon stock Great book on a very interesting and quirky railway. Excellent book detailing history of the railway Well written and with many good quality photographs. New and different photographs and some extra content made this an essential addition to my library A very worthwhile purchase