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The Digital Filmmaking Handbook Is a must have for any Film maker, and I really enjoyed this book despite some of the problems with terms, and some of the sections lacking a bit depth ButI m Very happy with the purchase in all respects.Prasanth Easy to understand Whether you are already a seasoned director or simply a film fan, this comprehensive guide features everything you need to know to make a digital film from the basics of capturing footage and planning a shoot, to the advanced aspects of editing and post production Clear, step by step instruction on the technical aspects of filming with HD and DSLR cameras including the latest advice on equipment, accessories, and software are set alongside tips on the creative aspects such as effects, making a storyboard and creating and lighting a set Packed with tips and tricks to develop both your artistic flair and your technical know how, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is the ultimate resource for all your filmmaking needs It s a typical how to manual which gives an overview and a few technical details but lacks some of the kinds of filmmaking tricks of the trade that many will look for A good start though and provides some grounding. Very good info I ve read quite a few books on making movies using digital technology recently One I read claimed to be about digital and ended up having info on old cinema techniques and commented that digital has changed all that but never actually explained the digital aspect.I mention that because this book is all about digital, giving you the right information you need to know He explains what digital really is and what you need to know but most importantly how to apply that It s a great resource that I refer back to all the time.Well done Just what I was looking for. Bought as a gift so I haven t read through it But it is nice quality and feedback was good Sono pienamente soddisfatto dell acquisto eseguito per i contenuti e per le innumerevoli immagini esplicative Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che iniziano a fotografare in digitale. Very superficial, a coffee table book Lots of photos many of which convey little useful information It s a book which mentions a lot of topics etc but explains very little.It is particularly thin on technical information, this is a significant deficiency given that the first requirement of film making is to know your camera and related equipment inside out.It might help an absolute beginner a little bit but you would need a lot detailed information than what is presented here to really get into making movies. It s simply a great book, an essential component of a digital filmmaker s library Both my daughter and I make videos she s off to do it at uni in September and we both have this book at our side.