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A Hilarious, Thrilling, Violent And Weird Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy For The 21st Century.SCHNEIDER WRACK WAS DEAD Until He Wasnt Convicted Of A Crime Hes Almost Completely Sure He Didnt Commit, Executed, Reanimated, Then Pressed Into Service Aboard A Vast Trawler On The Terrible World Of Ocean, He Was Set To Spend His Afterlife Working Until His Mindless Corpse Fell Apart But Now Hes Woken Up, Trapped In A Rotting Body, Arm Deep In The Stinking Meat And Blubber Of A Sea Monster, And Hes Not Happy Its Time For The Dead To Rise Up From The Stench And Brine Of Ocean To The Fetid Jungle Of Grand , Schneiders Career As A Revolutionary Wont Be Easy But Sometimes A Zombies Gotta Do What A Zombies Gotta Do. The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack

About the Author: Nate Crowley

Nate Crowley lives in South East London, and knows too much about the history of public aquaria Once, he accidentally punched a wrasse while wearing a diving suit from the 1800s He keeps a List of Animals He is the author of Daniel Barkers Birthday, and can be found on twitter as frogcroakley This is his first wossname

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