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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power THE TOP SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Shortlisted For The FT Business Book Of The Year Award Easily The Most Important Book To Be Published This Century I Find It Hard To Take Any Young Activist Seriously Who Hasn T At Least Familarised Themselves With Zuboff S Central Ideas Zadie Smith, The GuardianThe Challenges To Humanity Posed By The Digital Future, The First Detailed Examination Of The Unprecedented Form Of Power Called Surveillance Capitalism, And The Quest By Powerful Corporations To Predict And Control UsThe Heady Optimism Of The Internet S Early Days Is Gone Technologies That Were Meant To Liberate Us Have Deepened Inequality And Stoked Divisions Tech Companies Gather Our Information Online And Sell It To The Highest Bidder, Whether Government Or Retailer Profits Now Depend Not Only On Predicting Our Behaviour But Modifying It Too How Will This Fusion Of Capitalism And The Digital Shape Our Values And Define Our Future Shoshana Zuboff Shows That We Are At A Crossroads We Still Have The Power To Decide What Kind Of World We Want To Live In, And What We Decide Now Will Shape The Rest Of The Century Our Choices Allow Technology To Enrich The Few And Impoverish The Many, Or Harness It And Distribute Its Benefits The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism Is A Deeply Reasoned Examination Of The Threat Of Unprecedented Power Free From Democratic Oversight As It Explores This New Capitalism S Impact On Society, Politics, Business, And Technology, It Exposes The Struggles That Will Decide Both The Next Chapter Of Capitalism And The Meaning Of Information Civilization Most Critically, It Shows How We Can Protect Ourselves And Our Communities And Ensure We Are The Masters Of The Digital Rather Than Its Slaves I am embarrassed to have wasted time and money on this massive, poorly organised and very badly written book Like so many other twits I fell for it due to the huge publicity it received.The writer is clearly in love with the process of writing, so rather than working things out, planning a structure, and saying what she had to say in precise terms, she just ploughed in The result is a mess, looping back and repeating herself in very unhelpful ways, dallying in purple passages and twisted metaphors, making up clever sounding concepts like division of knowledge and actually failing to pick out the key aspects of the issue The pretence at being in some way ground breaking is dishonest as even the term surveillance capitalism is far from original.A particularly annoying feature of this pseudo academic approach is that there is no bibliography, meaning that there is not even any point in keeping it on the bookshelf for reference to other authors To find anything you have to use the index then go back to the pages and follow up the tortuous footnotes many of which are to internet items which may have disappeared next year.She misses key issues such as the importance of the military origins of the technology see Yasha Levine Surveillance Valley She makes a pig s ear of presenting the EU s General Data Protection Regulation the key points of which are the right to be forgotten , data portability between platforms and explicit opting in Worst of all she has no real proposals for defending us against surveillance and data mining and doesn t even mention the important DECODE project being undertaken on a municipal basis by Barcelona, Amsterdam and other cities.For a much useful discussion pointing to a data commons see Nick Srnicek s article in Economics for the Many edited by John McDonnell. Caveat emptor Some parts are good The content is extremely thought provoking, educational and ground breaking in parts it is quite brilliant and at the cutting edge of the challenges of the digital age Sadly it is significantly undermined on a number of counts It is verbose to the extreme and could easily be 50% shorter The introduction is so poor it could be deleted in its entirety The author clearly knows her core subject matter but is very poor at articulating her view in a succinct manner It is extremely repetitive and full of unnecessary padding There is a woeful lack of editing.Oddly, it is rather like Dava Sobel s Longitude a thoroughly compelling and fascinating story that is thankfully so strong it just about compensates the author s poor literary skills.A paradox It is essential reading but requires a considerable amount of patience to wade through the contextural noise.A 5 Star story with 1 Star delivery.MG

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power book, this is one of the most wanted Professor Shoshana Zuboff author readers around the world.

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