CATS: Scratch and Reveal Colouring: Colourful cards to

CATS: Scratch and Reveal Colouring: Colourful cards to scratch, reveal and display (A Scratch Art book) Not suitable for childrenThis book of scratch off colouring cards offers a great way to relax Make yourself comfortable then make a start and find how your stress levels reduce as you gradually reveal these stunning cats using the stylus provided You can then use the finished cards to decorate your walls or give to others

6 thoughts on “CATS: Scratch and Reveal Colouring: Colourful cards to scratch, reveal and display (A Scratch Art book)

  1. Callum Callum says:

    When buying this book you re literally buying pages to scratch So when you say Product detailsPaperback 16 pages and then it arrives and actually has 6 pages, you can imagine why people might not be pleased with that.

  2. claire claire says:

    Loved this book Mostly cats faces and few whole cats Scratches off easy far better than the old scrapper board pictures I used to have Colours are bright Book was well packed ,no pages were scratched by accident It only contains six pages so thought it was slightly expensive but did give me lots of hours enjoyment More for adults or older children as some lines are quite thin.

  3. Valw Valw says:

    I ordered this as a gift and was happy that it states it has 16 pages When I opened it I realised it only has 6 Product was not as described and I am unhappy with my purchase.

  4. A. M. Walker A. M. Walker says:

    I really enjoy scratch off art These are good quality boards but you only get six pieces to work on I thought buying a pad would have in it It s nicely presented and would be a nice gift I have bought scratch off art a lot cheaper than this on a discount app

  5. Anon Anon says:

    Nice designs and colours, good complexity for adults.Lost a star because the wooden tool is pretty uncomfortable to hold and the tip is pretty broad considering how narrow some of the lines are on these designs it didn t always work as well as a metal tool may have.

  6. Kenneth Stephen Bate Kenneth Stephen Bate says:

    I purchased this scratch art and the unicorn one Good value for money and if you get to finish one, without a cat trampling all over it and running it, then they look great Some fine lines which the stylus is no good for, I have alternate pens for these Spent many hours doing these and quite enjoyed it I would recommend.

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