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Think of Ludovic Kennedy s 10 Rillington Place or Paul Foot s Murder at the Farm and when reading John Morris s book, you get the similar feeling that when everything is put into context that a major miscarriage of justice has taken place To most people in south Wales this is a memorable case, the sheer barbarity of the murders and the South Wales Police long drawn out inquiry, for months seemingly going nowhere, all of it led to a sense of frustration Serving and former Police Officers were arrested and then released and then some months later a breakthrough as Dai Morris a local tough nut was arrested and charged with the four murders It fitted in nicely with what the public came to expect a strongarm bloke who happened to be an ex lover of the mother of the two children murdered Case solved He was found guilty, as was expected and if not for some wily lawyer showing how smart he was by referring the case for appeal he wouldn t have got a second chance to waste the public s money in court Thankfully they saw through it and found him guilty again.Except that wasn t the case as this book explains in depth The underhand and corrupt dealings of the lawyers, the police and the neighbours of Dai Morris all contributed to his fate There is only one point I would disagree with the author in this case and that is that he has placed far too much emphasis on the prosecution barrister s role he s no doubt a very clever brief but to me Dai Morris suffered from an extremely poor defence team over the two trials The first trial ended the career of the defence solicitor and the second team were relatively inexperienced or failed to cover the massive amount of material that comprised the evidence.From the first page to the last this book keeps you in its grip, I can only hope that Justice will be seen to be done and the points raised by John Morris in his book are investigated thoroughly and most importantly independently of the previous teams involved Dai Morris is serving 30 years for four gruesome murders he says he didn t commit 19 years ago Prison officers will tell you that there are lots of prisoners who say they are innocent but very few shout it for as long as Dai Morris has, unless they have a case, which from reading this book he clearly has. I found this a frustrating read what hope do any of us have to prove our innocence Unless of course we are in a position of professionalism that surrounds us with immunity and protection Dai Morris didn t stand a chance and was an easy target Convicted on the basis of character assassination not facts which if there were any, were distorted or not even brought forward and used This is such a sad story, predominantly for the Power family but also for the Morris family who are left with the unenviable job of continuing to protest innocence and fight for justice.The frustration I feel after finishing this excellent account by John Morris is knowing that a massive miscarriage of justice has been dealt and there is nothing we can do about it. This book is the same as the book published in 2017, the black and grey colour one I bought it thinking it was a follow up, as it says on the front cover, second edition featuring new material The only difference is a four and a quarter page postscript near the end So I basically wasted my bloody money, silly me, should not have listen to a friend saying there is a 2nd book The book is really good and when I did read the 1st one I bought in may 2018, I could not put it down How the hell that poor man is still in jail, is beyond me It shows how corrupt South wales police are How the hell the real murders got away with it, is in believable Well worth the read Brilliant book could not put it down How the hell they convicted this poor man, the jury should be totally ashamed of themselves, in the original trial and retrial South Wales police have a lot to answer for, absolutely disgusting I know who I think should me in prison, it s one or of three and ain t David You d think the police would want justice and convict the correct person persons for this horrendous murders, but obviously not when the evidence points at their own Condolences to the family for the loss of three generations of their family I only hope that one day they will convict the person persons responsible and free the innocent man doing their time Twenty Years Ago The Lives Of The Power Family Were Taken A Mother, Two Daughters And Their Grandmother But Was An Innocent Man Wrongfully Convicted Of This Horrific Crime In The New Edition Of The Clydach Murders, Author And Solicitor John Morris Reveals New Information, Making A Forensic And Compelling Case Ahead Of Dai Morris Latest Appeal. Once you pick up this book it s very very hard to put down Was an innocent man sentenced to life for the horrific murder of 3 generations of the same family The author provides some compelling facts and evidence to cast doubt in my mind Evidence of corruption, witness intimidation and inept Policing to say the very least Make up your own mind and read the book. I found myself immersed in this book I remember the case on the news.After reading this I believe there is something not right and it should definitely be looked into again.This man is serving 4 life sentences and still insists that he did not do it, the evidence speaks for itself.1 a solicitor that also works for the other people arrested Really2 evidence that was suppressed not once but twice.3 no evidence to put DM at the scene apart from a necklace, in which people that evidence stating he had it on on the night of the mixers, even though there is evidence at least one of them if not lied on oath. Like most people my age from the Swansea Valley, I remember these murders vividly I d always trusted that the police had gotten the right man, but after reading this I m left with some serious questions This is a fascinating, engaging and troubling read Well written and researched About a quarter of the way through I was still convinced that the writer had started at the conclusion he was after and looked for evidence to support his position, but by the end he slowly and steadily builds his case Highly recommended The Clydach Murders

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