Quick and Easy Crochet: 100 little crochet projects to

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Quick and Easy Crochet: 100 little crochet projects to make A perfect gift for some who has everything and loves yarn projects. This is a book packed with an eclectic mix of crochet patterns for quick makes, ranging from flowers to beanie hats, Christmas makes to bears, purses to granny squares It would be suitable for people who are fairly confident in crochet but wouldn t be suitable for beginners There are short sections on crochet know how and stitches The photos are clear and instructions are comprehensive I found the layout somewhat strange in that the projects are all jumbled up Grouping projects together would make for ease of comparison It is worth knowing that these projects have all come from books in the Twenty to Make series It s a good book for giving you ideas for small projects.I received my copy from Search Press Studio, in return for an honest review. A fabulous collection ofcrochet projects that are quick and easy to make and perfect for crocheters of all abilities This gorgeous book brings togetherof the best crochet projects from the best selling Twenty to Make series With contributions from five top crochet designers and best selling authors, these fabulous designs are quick and easy to make, and include stylish purses and hats, cute teddy bears, flowers, hearts and festive decorations Whether you are on a budget and want to make a quick and quirky gift for a friend, or wish to indulge in a special treat for yourself, you will discover a treasure trove of ideas within this book that you simply won t be able to resist Projects have been taken from the following titles in the Twenty to Make series Mini Christmas Crochet by Val Pierce Crocheted Bears by Val Pierce Crocheted Flowers by Jan Ollis Crocheted Granny Squares by Val Pierce Crocheted Beanies by Frauke Kiedaisch Crocheted Purses by Anna Nikipirowicz Crocheted Hearts by May Corfield Granny Square Flowers by May Corfield What a lovely crochet book I am a novice at crochet so was delighted to see that this book had a good mixture of projects from a heart bookmark and some quick and easy flowers to complex for me designs The book contains a brief introduction to crochet stitches and shows reverse single crochet and working in spirals but the best part of the book is the patterns, which include quite a few different Christmas items, bell, bauble, pine cone, snowman, penguin, Christmas tree, lots of teddy bears angel, bride, gardener, groom, artist as well as some lovely flower patterns, and patterns for purses, a bookmark and beanie hats Many projects can be completed in a few minutes and these can be joined to make bigger projects Instructions are clear and there is a good picture of each project All together a lovely book with some different ideas A nice addition for anyone just starting to crochet or for someone who wants to complete quick and easy designs.This book was reviewed from a free copy from Search Press Studio. A lovely book full of cute and useful ideas for quick make projects Clear photos and good instructions Glad to have in my library. I m not a novice crocheter, in fact I design my own patterns, so I can follow and execute a good pattern well I picked this book up for the bobble purse It is not a great pattern, it doesn t work up well and I jettisoned it to do my own thing in the end. Things I like Large selection of different things to make in this book, ranging from quick little makes to longer projects like bears with outfits and hats.Bright colourful book with plenty of photos.Things I m not so keen on I d prefer it if the items were grouped together eg a hat chapter, a toy chapter etcThe items I d really like to make such as one of the hats the first set of instructions just say following the chart well I can t read the charts I always follow written instruction would be better to have both it briefly discusses what the symbols means at the start but I just look at these diagrams and instantly get confused The bears are all the same pattern just done in different colours with different outfits, would have been better to have had the basic bear pattern at the start of the chapter then have all the outfits afterwards, maybe a selection of toy animals that the outfits would also fit Mouse, rabbit dog etc Many of the items once made seem pointless, have no specific use like the flowers, and random squares would have been nice to have had a larger project that they went towards.Overall it s a nice book if you don t know what you want to make, and would like a mixture of things to try.For me personally I find most the projects a little too twee and old fashioned, once I get my head round charts I ll try a hat but because I have to concentrate on that I m not overly keen to start I received my copy from search press in exchange for an honest review. Great book Easy to understand Lovely book to look through, some nice patterns I will use Saying 100 patterns when around 10 are the same beat wearing different colours is a bit of a stretch I have reviewed quite a few of The Twenty to Make books an they are fabulous.Each one has 20 simple projects that not only give fantastic results but also aid in your learning of new crafts So to get them in one BIG book, for me, is absolutely divine.Purses, Flowers, Beanies and so so much are included There is a lot of crochet handy hints and tips and even a pictorial and written guide to How to Crochet.This is a bright and colourful book filled with inspiration Starting with a traditional Granny Square, there is something for every level of expertise.I adored the Teddy Bear, he is very cute These projects are designed for home decor, giving as gifts or just to make something wonderful for yourself.Easy to follow instructions and some diagrams make each project achievable.This is a great book for beginners and advanced crocheters as there are so many ideas.