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The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook After Centuries Of Mystery, The Mythical Magical Unicorn Society Has Published Its Official Handbook These Learned Lovers Of Unicorns Have Created A Treasure Chest Of Unicorn Lore The Facts, The Fiction, The Where, Why And What Of These Elusive Beasts This Is The Ultimate Gift For Anyone Who Truly Believes Discover Where Unicorns Really Live Around The World, Learn How To Find Them, What They Eat, How To Tempt Them, Train Them, Even Ride Them There S Information About How To Look After Them, What Powers They Have, Their Legendary Stories And Much With Breathtaking Artwork From Helen Dardik And Harry And Zanna Goldshawk Papio Press , And Stunning Design And Production, This Special Book Gallops Through A History Of These Horned Horses And Looks At Their Magical Future. We gave this as a gift so 4 stars but lots of information in it and very appealing book Looks expensive. Great book my daughter read through it a first time and said it s proof unicorns really do exist The drawing are great, text nicely written, map especially enchanting. I purchased this for a little girls birthday It is such a stunning hardcover book with beautiful illustrations inside A must for unicorn fans young and old. Excellent seller, immediate delivery, superb book of very high quality, a must for unicorn fans of all ages Would highly recommend Great value for money Many thanks 5 stars Beautiful hardback book for a 4 year olds birthday She loves the pictures and I am sure as she grows she will also begin to appreciate what is wrote inside Some of the longer chapters do not interest her at the moment but she likes the ones like Unicorn food and A to Z as it has beautiful pictures and short sentences for her to listen to. Lovely quality book bought for Christmas Eve box This is a fantastic book My daughter is five and adores it It has been her favourite book for months and she loves taking her friends, teachers and pretty much anyone else through the steps to find out which unicorn guardian they have This book is beautifully set out and good quality It goes everywhere with my daughter It has a good range of interesting facts about unicorns food, tracks, and the different powers of the different guardians.A brilliant book for creative and imaginative children who love unicorns this book encourages my daughter to dive into a fantasy world.

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