League of Their Own: The Secrets of Club Soccer Champions

League of Their Own: The Secrets of Club Soccer Champions A league of their own was extreemely informative and easy to read The diagrams accompanied by the text clearly explained what was happening in the scenarios and was easy to follow Personally I learned a lot from this book and I highly recommend it to any soccer coach A League of Their Own provides readers with a closer look at the FIFA Club World Champions, such as FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester City Readers will catch a glimpse into the history of these clubs while also learning about the individual philosophies of some of the top coaches This book discusses different tactical philosophies as well as how these tactical approaches have been adjusted by some of soccer s greatest coaches, such as Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Luis Enrique, and Louis van Gaal Finally, readers will be taken through case studies of each individual team with a step by step analysis of how these tactical setups are successful and how they can be exploited Each case study will provide a discussion of how each team sets up when in attack, defending, and in transitionNot only addressing how and why these tactical setups are powerful, this book also breaks down and specifies just how lesser teams can exploit the subtle weaknesses by adjusting their attacking, defending, and transition strategies Winning the tactical battle on the pitch creates endless possibilities, and perhaps evens the playing field to continue intrigue of the game

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