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The Polar Express My then three year old son fell in love with the film last Christmas and after a viewing break of ten and a bit months, has become quite obsessed with it this year I decided to get him the book, half expecting him to disregard it for not being EXACTLY like the film the content seems to me to be the same, but there are aspects such as the hot chocolate song which are absent, if you get my meaning but he appears to love it in it s own right Much of the language is exactly as it is in the film and the illustrations are lovely It s a relatively long story, which for some four year olds may not be for them, but mine is captivated by the story and all things train but only STEAM train. The pictures in this book were lovely and it was easy for us to read I was a bit disappointed in that it was a bit shorter than I thought it would be you get a very short version of the story and even my 5 year old could have handled a few words and pages It is such a lovely movie and there is a lot in it However, we enjoyed reading it by the fire and it made us all feel very Christmassy Even my older kids loved getting involved because they loved the film from their past too. This is the larger hard back version and an amazing price for it 9.75 INC PP , from Aprohead books, best proce I found ISBN number 978 1 544 58014 5.The cloth board covers are in a Maroon colour with a silver bell embossed and the dust jacket is the usual image of the polar express itself.Bought it for my children as part of their Christmas Eve box, this version comes with a fine metal ornament attached the the back cover and a code for a free downloadable audio version of the story A lovely edition.Ideal for telling on Christmas Eve and a lovely keepsake I have also bought them a small box and silver sleigh bell to go with it, just for that extra touch of magic Well it is Christmas. Anyone expecting this book to be the story of the film will be slightly disappointed, the film builds on the bones of the story and expands it, slightly losing the simplicity along the way Both book and story have the same values though BELIEF The story bridges that gap in childhood that comes when the realisation dawns that Father Christmas is not a real person, but tells that there is still something to believe in your heart In this beautifully illustrated book, the boy has a huge adventure on Christmas eve, travelling to the North Pole on a vast Steam Train, journeying through the frozen wastes to Santa s home where the elves are preparing his sleigh The boy is chosen to receive the first gift of Christmas and, not wishing to be greedy, chooses a silver bell from the reindeer harness, which slips through a hole in his pocket and is lost.It would spoil the story to tell the outcome you will have to read it yourself The verson I bought also has a CD with the story read by Liam Neeson, twice The first part straightforwardly, in the second a silver bell rings when it is time to turn the page and so a child who canot read can enjoy the magnificent pictures in context I cannot recommend this book too highly for all believers and almost believers As a companion to the DVD it is perfect. Late on Christmas Eve, after the town has gone to sleep, a boy boards a mysterious train that waits for him the Polar Express bound for the North Pole When he arrives there, Santa offers him any gift he desires The boy modestly asks for one bell from the reindeer s harness It turns out to be a very special gift, for only believers in Santa can hear it ring Magical glowing double spread picturesan original and memorable book Guardian Evocative, realist pastels and atmospheric text Sunday Times A thrilling tale Independent I first bought this book 7 years ago every since, on christmas eve, we read it to our children whilst they are cuddles in our bed a friend or neighbour goes outside to ring sleigh bells just as we are finishing reading the book The children loved it for years and still do it never ceases to make me weep every year, watching them get so excited, full of wonder the story is one of simple childhood belief It works along the idea that as long as you believe, it will be true Its a very treasured book in our house I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone, even those without children. i love this film, quick delivery, my only problem is that it arrived in a box with abt 12 other books and this one was bent up the side with all the other books sat on it It would have been fine if it was at the correct angle, but it was not placed in the box very well, which has now caused it to be bent As we have quite a few days to go yet, i have burried it at the bottom of the pile flat to try to flatten it out. Wonderful book great value with audiobook as well Bought for christmas eve box for my 2 avid Polar Express fans 2 4 altho not exactly the same as the film there are recognisable scenes lovely illustrations to hold little readers attention.

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