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The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus Gave it as a present to lady with Masters in pure maths She could not resist dipping in and out all over Christmas How Do You Apply Game Theory To Select Who Should Be On Your Christmas Shopping List Can You Predict Her Majesty S Christmas Message Will Calculations Show Santa Is Getting Steadily Thinner Shimmying Up And Down Chimneys For A Whole Night Or Fatter As He Tucks Into A Mince Pie And A Glass Of Sherry In Billions Of Houses Across The World Full Of Diagrams, Sketches And Graphs, Beautiful Equations, Markov Chains And Matrices, The Indisputable Existence Of Santa Claus Brightens Up The Bleak Midwinter With Stockingfuls Of Mathematical Marvels And Proves Once And For All That Maths Isn T Just For Old Men With White Hair And Beards Who Associate With ElvesMaths Has Never Been MerrierW WITH A BRAND NEW CHAPTER The stories behind our Christmas traditions were very readable, I couldn t put the book down until I d finished it. Great xmas gift Thank you for this product, very happy with quality and price. An awesome book As a Maths teacher I find it interesting, funny and also challenges my mathematical understanding. Got this for hubby as he has a love for weird mathermatics books Loves it.Smashed that xmas present with this one Amusing, intellectual It s a good gift for anyone interested in Mathematics Put down type book, each chapter is self contained Very interesting work.Delivered in time, good quality book physically. this one comes across as a failed attempt at humour I gave up after the first few chapters Buy her other books instead.

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