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Talking to My Daughter: A Brief History of Capitalism didn t realise before I bought it that the book has a beautiful aesthetic The hardback has a cloth like texture, and the book has an attached bookmark one chapter down, and so far I can say I am A really charmed by the writing technique of this author communicating as though he were talking to his teenage daughter It s just enough without getting gimmicky or old It s actually quite sweet.B speeding through it The author has a style that is notably clear and straightforward and, at the same time, gripping in a way that draws you in to find out what s going to happen next I m serious It s kind of a page turner about economics C learning lots The content covers fundamental facts and arguments about economics and history and patterns of human behaviour It weaves together information I am already familiar with, and perspectives and details that are refreshingly novel to me, in a way that teaches and compels to keep galloping through the book The author is one heck of a talented storyteller I respect that he is open about his points of view, and neither tries to hard sell them or tries to cover up that they exist in order to appease any subsets of readers.Overall an impressive book Topical, informative, and a welcome escape from otherwise reading the hysteria of current day news The headline above is a big claim for a relatively small book.But I think it is justified.It is directed at the author s teenage daughter It is is accessible but never patronising.Strongly recommended. I bought this book as an admirer if Varoufakis, but with a limited understanding of economics I feel like I grasp the basics a bit better now, but may need to give it a second read to really let it sink in This isn t really a reflection on the book being difficult or complex I think my brain struggles to take on board theoretical concepts which, as Varoufakis opines, are what economics is constructed of Or at least that was how I understood it This was still an interesting read and underlined how truly intertwined the political world is with the economy Recommended. A good general introduction to economics and how the international economy works Not a text book style but as the title indicates, of a conversational and discursive approach, from quite a left and critical perspective I read it after enjoying Adults in the Room and it reflects the same approach to economics I would recommend it to anyone wanting an overview or an introduction to economics I found it fairly easy to read with useful examples and comparisons which made the concepts being explained much clearer than the usual text books My only reservation is I think a reader would need to read widely to get mainstream views although these are readily available in the papers. Great book Clear description of the way the economy works , the problems and looking ahead to potential solutions Written as an account for his teenage daughter but also serves as an excellent account for the layman Something that everyone should read If we don t understand what is going on we don t try to change it and change is urgently needed in the lamentable state of the world THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Why Is There So Much Inequality Xenia Asks Her Father, The World Famous Economist Yanis Varoufakis Drawing On Memories Of Her Childhood And A Variety Of Well Known Tales From Oedipus And Faust To Frankenstein And The Matrix Varoufakis Explains Everything You Need To Know In Order To Understand Why Economics Is The Most Important Drama Of Our TimesIn Answering His Daughter S Deceptively Simple Questions, Varoufakis Disentangles Our Troubling World With Remarkable Clarity, While Inspiring Us To Make It A Better One Utterly Accessible, Deeply Humane And Startlingly Original A Potent Democratic Tool At The Perfect Time Naomi Klein

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