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My Year of Rest and Relaxation NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Savage, Funny, Frequently On The Verge Of Teetering Into Lunacy VogueDiscover This Deliciously Dark Satire On Modern Privilege From The Booker Shortlisted Author Of Eileen It S The Year 2000 In A City Aglitter With Wealth And Possibility What Could Be So Terribly Wrong Our Narrator Has Many Of The Advantages Of Life Young, Thin, Pretty, A Recent Columbia Graduate, She Lives In An Apartment On The Upper East Side Of Manhattan Paid For, Like Everything Else, By Her Inheritance But There Is A Vacuum At The Heart Of Things, And It Isn T Just The Loss Of Her Parents In College, Or The Way Her Wall Street Boyfriend Treats Her, Or Her Sadomasochistic Relationship With Her Alleged Best Friend Blackly Funny, Both Merciless And Compassionate Dangling Its Legs Over The Ledge Of 9 11 My Year Of Rest And Relaxation Is A Showcase For The Gifts Of One Of America S Major Young Writers.

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    The main character was just about plausible enough for me to stick with this book until the end, although the repetitive, contrived, unpleasant and implausible nature of quite a lot of what was going on nearly had me giving up about a th

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    I love Ottessa Moshfegh I hope one day to meet her at a NYC bar and spend hours drinking in her company Do you hear me, Universe So My Year of Rest and Relaxation We are introduced to three ladies, who are presented to us solely for the sake of en

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    Grimly unrealistic The heroine, Eztelle, takes copious quantities of Xanax and other benzos every day for a year, then stops altogether If she d done this in real life, she d be dead from the seizures that come with cold turkeying off high doses of benzos I

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    I loved this in the beginning It was one of those books that sucks you in so fast and furious, and kept up that momentum for a while, even when it s just the protagonist trying to get her sleeping pills It s amusing, not out and out funny I m looking at the dr and th

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    We all love some offbeat characters Infact, aren t we all unlikeable in some way or the other But we try to calculate our moves, measure our speech Ottessa Moshfegh captures this very well with our unnamed narrator being all weak and desperate before her on off domineering boy

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    To say I hated this book would be the understatement of the century I am completely baffled by the glowing reviews It s not often I read a book that leaves me with such a feeling of anger at having spent the time to read it, but here we are Every character made my blood boil, especially

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    A narradora de MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION, cujo nome jamais saberemos, quer dormir por um ano N o que ela esteja fisicamente cansada ela at est , mas a quest o mais complexa ela est cansada do mundo e das demandas e press es sociais que recaem sobre uma mulher de vinte e poucos anos na virada

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    A weird one Some beautiful moments of Litterature, some bad ones Some beautiful enumerations as descriptions os substance, some excessive ones, exhausting and unedited Funny as hell sometimes, many times, like when the psychiatrist live a message in her voicemail when you said you are questioning your exis

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    I thought this book would entertain me it seems appropriate to the circumstances I founded something that didn t do it for me It is well written and by moment touching, but it is mostly a list of highly addictive drugs prescribed lightly by a crazy imaginary psy The story is ok, by moment touching, by moment sounds

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