The Pig: Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and

The Pig: Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and Beyond The Pig is a collection of restaurants with rooms in Hampshire, Devon, Dorset and Somerset and soon in Kent, West Sussex and Cornwall Now, everyone can enjoy The Pig from the comfort of their own homes Among the pages ofThe Pig you will find an idiosyncratic, seasonal approach to the good life, with delicious recipes, how to guides, tips, tricks and stories.Inside the pages of The Pig you will find Classic recipes from Nan s rice pudding to proper fish pie, porchetta, gammon with parsley sauce, devilish devilled kidneys on toast, a right old eton mess and even a pink blancmange bunny.The Pig s Guide to Pigs from identifying different breeds and selecting the best cuts of meat to making your own sausages, crackling and charcuterie How to pickle, forage and identify edible flowers and suggestions on how to bring the weird and wonderful vegetables, fruits and salads from the garden into the kitchen Noble wine, simple food from classic cocktails to modern twists and all the best accompaniments Interior design recreating the comfort and elegance of The Pig at home.Setting the scene, The Pigs top tips on hosting your own festivals, summer feasts and winter gatherings, including creating the perfect playlist to the best recipes to cook outdoors Praise for the book For us at home, the cookbook provides the perfect inspiration The Telegraph MagazinePraise for The Pig Hotels Rick Stein Dinner, bed and breakfast at The Pig, any Pig, is a comforting thought of some lovely flavoured pork, a British abundance of vegetables and some fabulous red wine The Sunday Times There isn t a trace of cynicism here just enthusiasm, craft and people who love what they do, creating a place you really, really don t want to leave The Financial TimesSome inherited memory of a weekend with grandparents I never had a little bohemian, and unbelievably good at cooking Tom Parker Bowles The Pig revolutionised the country house hotel, creating a true home away from home No pomp or pretence, just beautiful rooms and magnificent food with produce from their own kitchen gardens Where The Pig goes, the others follow.

6 thoughts on “The Pig: Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and Beyond

  1. Ms. N. J. Ms. N. J. says:

    This is a great book for anyone who s been to a Pig hotel and loved the feel of the place, in particular their kitchen gardens Or for anyone with a passion for cooking, gardening or interiors or all of the above I would describe it as an excellent coffee table book as it s very lifestyle content heavy and would make a great gift.Leafing through it feels like reading a particularly epic edition of a home the first recipe of the book is rice pudding2 Porkology and how to make a sausageAs you might guess, lots of porky recipes I don t eat pork myself but there s an insightful section that talks you through all the different cuts from a pig3 Pickings eat up your greens and yellows and purples Chapter full of veggie recipes The highlight for me was a section on edible flowers and there was a useful beginner s guide to veg growing just a few pages but enough to spur you on This is the longest chapter by far Which make sense given The Pig hotels are focussed so much around their kitchen gardens4 Wild Foraging finds and hedgerow tipsBrief chapter with a handful of recipes5 Classics old school dishes to warm the cockles of your heartA fair few pies, some seafood and puds6 Tipples It must be time for a drink by nowDrinks recipes with food pairing suggestions 7 Design Cosy rooms, upcycled finds and the art of unshinyInterior design tips, upcycling ideas and some garden design tips too8 Chill The story of how a shed became a spaTook a bit of time to work out what this chapter was about A bit about the spa interiors, aromatherapy and infusions9 Uncut Party tricks, summer feats and a few good tunesBBQs, festivals and a playlist

  2. Mrs. Lesley Malton Mrs. Lesley Malton says:

    This book is lovely.It really showcases generosity of spirit,how to have fun,how to eat and drink well,how to live well.I love the way in which the book brings together many of the simple things that make life great.Creating,relaxing,cooking a feast for family or friends,are just a few of the things that are highlights in this book.I am so pleased to find a beautifully produced cookbook,that is also usable,timeless,and highly practical.After thirty years of cooking,entertaining,and reading hundreds of books about eating,this has moved into my top ten.

  3. Chris grattan Chris grattan says:

    Fantastic book loads of great ideas

  4. fiona allan fiona allan says:

    Such an interesting book in every way Trying the delicious recipes with great success, and enjoying the beautiful photos A great present.

  5. Rosamund Tustian Rosamund Tustian says:

    Loved the format of this book Fun to read and attractive to look at as well as informative.Recommend for kitchen shelf and as presents

  6. Chloe Hodgkinson Chloe Hodgkinson says:

    I used to work at The Pig at Bath and this book has bought back lots of fond memories.

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