On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons Epub

On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons BBC RADIOBOOK OF THE WEEK A modern masterpiece GuardianUncovering the mystery of her mother s disappearance as a child Laura Cumming, prize winning author and art critic, takes a closer look at her family storyIn the autumn of , a small child was kidnapped from a Lincolnshire beach Five agonising days went by before she was found in a nearby village The child remembered nothing of these events and nobody ever spoke of them at home It was another fifty years before she even learned of the kidnapThe girl became an artist and had a daughter, art writer Laura Cumming Cumming grew up enthralled by her mother s strange tales of life in a seaside hamlet of the s, and of the secrets and lies perpetuated by a whole community So many puzzles remained to be solved Cumming began with a few criss crossing lives in this fraction of English coast the postman, the grocer, the elusive baker but soon her search spread right out across the globe as she discovered just how many lives were affected by what happened that day on the beach including her own On Chapel Sands is a book of mystery and memoir Two narratives run through it the mother s childhood tale and Cumming s own pursuit of the truth Humble objects light up the story a pie dish, a carved box, an old Vick s jar Letters, tickets, recipe books, even the particular slant of a copperplate hand give vital clues And pictures of all kinds, from paintings to photographs, open up like doors to the truth Above all, Cumming discovers how to lookclosely at the family album with its curious gaps and missing persons finding crucial answers, captured in plain sight at the click of a shutter A moving, many sided human story of great depth and tenderness, and a revelation of how art enriches life Sunday Times

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