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Think Like a White Man: Conquering the World . . . While Black By Following The White Man Commandments Namely, That Winning Justifies Anything And Everything You Too Can Achieve Success Beyond Your Capabilities.With Lessons On The Value Of Shock And Awe, Putting Compassion On The Back Burner And Pretending Racism Doesn T Exist, Think Like A White Man Teaches You How To Understand, Overcome And Overthrow The White Man In The Whiter Shade Of Pale World Of Work. It takes a certain type of bravery madness to write a book like this It straddles the line between satire and sincerity so cleverly, it s sometimes easy to forget that the line exists at all.This will definitely ruffle a few feathers and plunge readers of all hues into deep discomfort, but it will make you smile, clap and cheer as it does so It will also cause you to walk into work the next day with new eyes, seeing the hidden pulleys and strings that have allowed the corporate world to chug along for centuries.A very unique and unusual read. I found this book a thoroughly entertaining read and couldn t put the book down It had me laughing throughout The author skilfully captures the desired responses for ethnic minorities trying to make it in the corporate world It s a very brave account of the structural cultural barriers faced but told in a satirical way that allows you to find the humorous side to a very serious problem Hats off to the author Nels Abbey for sharing the very relatable workplace issue of racial discrimination with the masses. This book is a hilarious satirical self help tome on how to get ahead in the corporate world while black It satirises the system which promotes mediocre white men above anyone else It makes serious points but the humour is undeniable The written word rarely makes me laugh out loud but this book did many times It s worth noting the book does not sugar coat anything far from it but it uses the device of humour to illuminate a serious subject It is also like a Russian doll of interesting facts and nuggets from history I learnt a lot I can t think of another similar book I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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