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6 thoughts on “100 Ways to Win a Tenner (Gam006000)

  1. ANDY ANDY says:

    I Gave up after reading around the first 20, many seemed very similar to each other and hated the way the narrative was written Certainly not me for me

  2. Mrs. H Mrs. H says:

    Nephew loves this book, not sure I like loosing the odd tenner now though, good read, and encourages interaction.

  3. Mr W. Mr W. says:

    Great stocking filler

  4. Mrs S Binns Mrs S Binns says:

    Thumbs up from the teenage recipient

  5. Miss EJ Evans Miss EJ Evans says:

    Funny book some good tricks

  6. Gary Teal Gary Teal says:

    This should be the bible for anyone who likes pulling the odd trick on their friends at school or in the pub, in fact anywhere You ll never go short of a free drink with this and if you can t win back the cost of it there s something wrong Amusingly written and highly recommended for either the wannabe conman or the experienced trickster alike.

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100 Ways to Win a Tenner (Gam006000) Ways to Win a Tenner is a comprehensive guide to scams and swindles that are certain to make you a winner every time Unlike traditional magic tricks, mastering these bets comes with a further fiscal incentive And what s , they all use everyday objects and require no special skills just a lot of bravado This is a complete insider s guide to winning at cards, pool, pub quizzes and anywhere else there is an opportunity to prosper