Ed Sheeran: Memories we made: Unseen photographs of my

Ed Sheeran: Memories we made: Unseen photographs of my time with Ed a fabulous bookChris Evans BBC Radio 2 A stunning collection of rare and unseen photographs and stories charting Ed Sheeran s rise to global superstar, by long time collaborator Christie Goodwin.Featuring a foreword and additional photo captions by Ed s father, John Sheeran When I first met Ed Sheeran he was unknown and unsigned just a young busker trying to make it big But I could see something special in Ed I agreed to photograph him for free to help him on his way to the top That was the beginning of a 10 year collaboration, with the two of us crossing paths as Ed became one of the biggest stars on the planet a story told here, through my camera Including images and stories I m sharing for the first time, with additional captions by Ed s father John, this is an up close and intimate view of Ed Sheeran Christie Goodwin

  • Kindle Edition
  • Ed Sheeran: Memories we made: Unseen photographs of my time with Ed
  • Christie Goodwin
  • 20 January 2017
  • 1788400666

8 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran: Memories we made: Unseen photographs of my time with Ed

  1. Ron Little Ron Little says:

    It s so close to being a pop up child s book with the amount of photos

  2. MN MN says:

    Present for someone

  3. matilda Beecher matilda Beecher says:

    Lots of pictures Great value.

  4. Sue King Sue King says:

    prompt delivery, as described.

  5. Tanya Tanya says:

    Perfect quality.

  6. Bonver Bonver says:

    I m really disappointed with this I was expecting behind the scenes photographs, but it s just a load of photos of his face.It s one of the better fan books about Ed Sheeran, nicely bound in a hardback and well designed, but it does seem a bit pointless Why have a useless flick through book about Ed Sheeran It just, like many of its type, seems a bit money grabbing opportunist from the Sheeran franchise I actually don t think a super fan would love this, as it s just some photos of his face taken from largely the same i m on front row angles of him on stage and some write ups about some gigs he s done It s not exactly as personal as i d hope, and I mean that in the sense of being able to see things we wouldn t expect from a global megastar dressing room chilling out, eating spaghetti from a takeout box, pre show sound checkswho knows what he gets up to, and certainly not us from reading this book.It just seems a shame considering there was such an opportunity here to make a wonderful photo book about a global megastar musician, and instead it s just wasted paper on a book that won t get glanced at after a year Not only is Ed killing good music, he s also killing trees now.

  7. P. Barclay P. Barclay says:

    So although I enjoy popular music and have heard of Ed Sheehan and have even listened to some of his songs who hasn t , I am not a great pop enthusiast I love photography and enjoy photographing shapes and textures but I am not a tech geek nor am I especially interested in photographing faces or people So, this book on the face of it, did not look particularly engaging or interesting.However, I am blown away by the text, context and images as the journey of Ed Sheehan comes to life The little asides by John Sheehan Dad are delightful and they make this a very personal profile and biographical insight into the person Ed Sheeran has become Christine Goodwin charts the rise of Ed Sheeran from unknown to superstar with usually just 15 minutes 3 songs from the photographers pit This book displays unseen photographs, in black and white and colour, of her time with the pop mega star.The hard back book is entrancing and fully deserves acclaim If you know an Ed Sheeran fan, I can think of no better gift to give

  8. Mrs. C. Swarfield Mrs. C. Swarfield says:

    An absolute must for any Ed Sheeran fan, this book is a delight and the photographs of Ed are incredible and this book is so well put together I am not sure if this is an official Ed Sheeran book as there is nothing in the book from E d himself, but the foreword is written by Ed s father and there are a few captions throughout the book from him too A visual delight the book is a marvellous photographic journey charting Ed s incredible journey as he made it to the top I spent a whole rainy afternoon devouring this book from cover to cover and it no has pride of place on my coffee table waiting for to pick up and dip into An absolutely recommended read.

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