The Artist's Handbook: Artist/Gallery Relationships &

9 thoughts on “The Artist's Handbook: Artist/Gallery Relationships & Digital Promotion

  1. S. C. Thomas S. C. Thomas says:

    Very well written book Unfortunately, for me, I had read Mark s articles in the Artist magazine and much of the content was repeated here This is the only reason I dropped a star However, I didn t regret buying it It s nice to know how a Gallery works and their relationship with the artist Useful info on digital marketing too.

  2. Susan Fage Susan Fage says:

    Just a third of the way in, andwowzers Written in plain, easy to digest, take on board and sell your art Thanks Mark, well done

  3. Galadriel Galadriel says:

    Okay but didn t tell my anything I didn t already know it s who you know not what you can do..

  4. Customer Customer says:

    A must read for any artist, small booked packed with essential information, highly recommend.

  5. garth bayley garth bayley says:

    As an artist it s good to be reminded of what we should be doing A lot of facts you know but really good to be reminded and also a few gems.

  6. J J says:

    OK , doesn t really tell you anything that you probably don t already know Large font to fill a book.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    would highly recommended this book for any artist , this book put my thoughts into actions.

  8. Klavierotto Klavierotto says:

    Muss man schon insgesamt durchlesen Bin noch nicht so weit Bisher alles prima und hilfreich.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    Really enjoy the content on Insta so I bought their book Also Jeffrey Epstein Didn t Kill Himself.

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The Artist's Handbook: Artist/Gallery Relationships & Digital Promotion In this digital age, do you know How to approach a gallery successfully Work together with them to maximise sales Market yourself if you don t have a representation Create effective newsletters Create or redesign your website effectively Use social media to create sustain sales Make use of Apps to drive new customers sales How to utilise social media advertising How to copyright your work to restrict pirating Hiscox estimate that online sales of art will reachbillion B byHerein are the tools you ll need to take your share of those sales from one of the UK s leading digital gallery professionals a book that no professional artist or serious amateur can afford not to own Dr Sally Bulgin Editor of The Artist A much needed guide full of invaluable insights Mark gives generously of his knowledge, gleaned from years of running thriving galleries Penny German Artist Mark s marketing know how is second to none This is what makes him such a success Claire Henley Artist this book has instantly motivated me to improve my online presence concise and to the point Klein Martin Turnstone, Bristol A rich, informative read, useful for any artist or gallery owner Jenny Aitken Artist Mark is an engagingly honest gallerist An invaluable resource which should have a place on all studio bookshelves Mari French Contemporary artist Any artist who wants to turn pro, or any artist struggling to understand marketing their art, needs this book Kim VanDerHoek Californian Fine Artist