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The Science of Doctor Who This is the cutting edge science behind one of the most popular sci fi series ever New Doctor Who series starts in AprilWritten by the editor of the popular BBC Focus magazine, it covers everything from how Daleks climb stairs to regenerating like the Time Lord You can discover why time travel isn t ruled out by the laws of physics the real Kthe robot assistant for space travellers built by NASA how Dalek like designer lifeforms are being bred by genetic engineering why before long we could all be regenerating like a Time Lord and the medical truth about the Doctor s two hearts, and the real creature with five

  • Hardcover
  • The Science of Doctor Who
  • Paul Parsons
  • 24 July 2017
  • 1840467916

About the Author: Paul Parsons

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Science of Doctor Who book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Parsons author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Science of Doctor Who

  1. lizwisch89 lizwisch89 says:

    I was a bit diappointed by this book I was expecting something to do with the science of Doctor Who within itself rather than how it could work in the real world because that s not really the point Nevertheless, it is detailed in its descriptions and uses easy to understand laguage however it can feel a little patronising at times as every little thing seems to be explainedIt d be a good book for GCSE level or below, but anyone above this might get a bit frustrated with it

  2. John Hopper John Hopper says:

    This is a lighthearted but thought provokingly credible attempt to look at the scientific plausibility and feasibility of phenomena seen in Doctor Who, such as faster than light travel, regeneration, Dalek and Cybermen development, the Eye of Harmony, E Space, sonic screwdrivers, etc Some of these are reasonable extrapolations of current or near future science, some based on real world theoretical concepts, others flat out impossible Good fun and one can learn a fair bit as well 4 5

  3. B. Murray B. Murray says:

    My 7 yr old Doctor Who addicted son just made me buy this, and I was thinking it would be a little dry and dusty for him, but he s fascinated, and so am I It s written in a very straight forward style, and stays tied in closely with the show including the newest series , rather than going on about time travel etc too long.We ve only just read the first bit about the Doctor s two hearts and already my son has asked me a million questions about the human cardio vascular system and Isaac Newton He s going to be a very knowledgable boy by the end of this book I really do recommend this for fans, and those parents who want to engender an interest in science in their kids.

  4. Doctor Who Online Doctor Who Online says:

    Having watched countless episodes of Doctor Who, and see the many seemingly impossible sciences behind the stories, I awaited for the release of this Book with great excitement.Paul Parsons manages to knit together the many science based questions behind Doctor Who, with clear, concise, and in some cases, alarmingly enlightening answers.I have read many books over the years, but this one has to be one of the most unique and mind opening.Read it It will make you clever

  5. G.C. Roberts G.C. Roberts says:

    This book is amazing despite being hard t grasp in parts, its really interesting, debating and explaining theoretical time travel and explaining how the doctor s gadgets, gizmos and even the TARDIS could work in real life I would even recommend this to non doctor who fans, because the book is so interesting due to the science it explains.Also almost all ages can read this as long as they have had a decent physics teacher I am 16 and just come out of school so I m not exactly a science expert yet I can still understand 99% of the science explained.In conclusion this book is fab i would recommend to doctorwho fans and scientists alike

  6. Victoria Hayhurst Victoria Hayhurst says:

    It s a short book overall There are many illustrations and diagrams to illustrate the science of the arguments.Overall, it was very interesting but I was disappointed at the length.

  7. rat momma rat momma says:

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan but an absolute moron at Physics Although it is told as plainly as possible, I read 4 5 pages a week at times because it became quite dense at times It covers lots of episodes and is a great read if you don t mind it going over your head at times Thin paper and cover make it easy to crease, if you re looking for a collectible, buy the hardcover.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Enjoyed all the bits, which was 90%, of this book that stuck to the science part as per the title Tore out the chapter on sex in disgust.

  9. Garrison56 Garrison56 says:

    Love it.

  10. Joni B. Joni B. says:

    I haven t finished it yet, but I love it For a science nerd and Doctor Who fan like me, this book is very enjoyable and I love learning about the science behind the show I recommend it to anyone who likes science or the show

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