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Can You Catch a Mermaid? Have you ever seen a mermaid Eliza has And this is the bewitching tale of how she and a little mermaid became the most inseparable of friendsEliza lives next to the sea, with her father, a fisherman Eliza doesn t know why, but she s always felt different from the other children So when her father goes fishing, Eliza plays alone Until one day, a mysterious new girl appears on the beach, with long greeny gold hair and pale, pale skin The two soon become inseparable But when the time comes, can Eliza let her new friend return to her home under the sea An enchanting, touching tale about friendship, filled with a wonderful sense of magic, myth and mystery Beautifully told and illustrated by the award winning Jane Ray, this magical story is perfect for mermaid lovers of all ages.

8 thoughts on “Can You Catch a Mermaid?

  1. sarah sarah says:

    This was a beautifully written book that my daughter and I enjoyed reading The cover is eye catching and has a feel of enchantment and was the first reason she choose it from the shelf the second is what little girl doesn t love mermaids The enchanting feel is captured inside also with the lovely illustrations that compliment the story The tale is well written and covers a number of feelings situations and is very touching As a single parent it was good to be able to let my daughter know that there are other families in the same situation be it single mum or dad and on browsing through it I realised Eliza and my daughter had much in common this was the reason I bought the book.

  2. N&S N&S says:

    Fantastic book a great story which has really captured my daughter s imagination and gorgeous illustrations All Jane Ray s books are very popular in our house and this is one of my daughter s favourites She is five but I think this book would appeal to quite a wide age range.

  3. Sophie's Mum Sophie's Mum says:

    My 5 year old daughter is mermaid mad and I bought this book on the strength of the other reviews It is such a beautiful and enchanting tale both the story itself and the almost ethereal illustrations The underlying messages are about selflessness and the value of friendship such important lessons for children to learn but delivered in such a wonderful non preachy way I love sharing this book with my daughter it s her current favourite bedtime story and imagine it will remain so for some time to come I highly recommend this book for Mermaid lovers everywhere

  4. JS JS says:

    This is a truly lovely story where good finally prevails It is very well written and beautifully illustrated I met the author illustrator in a cafe in a Devon seaside village earlier this summer and in conversation discovered she was an accomplished artist author She told me her inspiration for this book had been seaside holidays with her family in Devon, so being a local person I wanted to read it and share it with children I work with It was a pleasure to meet Jane Ray, a friendly, modest lady, and a pleasure also to read her book.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Lovely picture book

  6. LucyDDF LucyDDF says:

    Bought this for my 5 year old daughter who is mermaid mad, and also shares her name with the mermaid in the book This book has a moral lesson, is beautifully illustrated and an etheral quality so often lacking in many children s books.

  7. Ais 1978 Ais 1978 says:

    Very charming story about a little girl, her dad how she comes to have a mermaid come to live with her for a short time The illustrations are amazing and almost haunting My 3 year old was hooked on this book for several weeks after getting it.

  8. c j faries c j faries says:

    Lovely little story book

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