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Blameless: Book 3 of The Parasol Protectorate Love this series Great characters Inventive gadgets and quirky humour to make you smile With vampires and werewolves what s not to love.Alexia is a great protagonist and this book has her fortunes heading south She has help from her friends, but not the supernatural set in this one She is pregnant but her husband has cast her out The vampires are trying to kill her and the baby and the Templars want to dissect them.It follows on directly from book 2 Changeless Quitting Her Husband S House And Moving Back In With Her Horrible Family, Lady Maccon Becomes The Scandal Of The London Season Queen Victoria Dismisses Her From The Shadow Council And The Only Person Who Can Explain Anything, Lord Akeldama, Unexpectedly Leaves Town To Top It All, Alexia Is Attacked By Homicidal Mechanical Ladybugs, Indicating, As Only Ladybugs Can, The Fact That All The London Vampires Are Now Very Much Interested In Seeing Alexia Quite Thoroughly Dead While Lord Maccon Elects To Get Progressively Inebriated And Professor Lyall Desperately Tries To Hold The Woolsey Werewolf Pack Together, Alexia Flees England For Italy In Search Of The Mysterious Templars Only They Know Enough About The Preternatural To Explain Her Increasingly Inconvenient Condition, But They May Be Worse Than The Vampires And They Re Armed With Pesto Also Available As A Manga Adaptation The 3rd outing in Gail Carriger s witty whimsical Victorian universe, recommend for steampunk heads who also happen to like or dislike the clich vampires and werewolves that are roaming around the bookshelves these days.Filled with steampunk gadgets than you can shake a kettle at, the Parasol books main drawing point is the dialogue Witty Jane Austen quips are fired back and forth relentlessly, never skipping a beat or missing a retort Blameless, is a roaring adventure across France and Italy that uncovers the truth and mystery behind Prenaturals while following on from the shocking twists at the end of the second book.While Soulless, the first book, felt like a comedic Austen parody Alexia s world is starting to shape and grow a life of its own Carriger s Victorian London is fun, without being too overly complex and the characters are engaging, enjoyable and dramatic without resorting to wallowing and self loathing.My only complaint is that the 3rd outing is primary set in Italy which is important to the plot , and although it is a nice difference from Victorian London our trip to Italy feels a little fleeting, and not as fleshed out as Alexia s London That small complaint aside, this is essential reading The Parasol books were included in my friend s sci fi and fantasy book club and everyone, males included, all loved it.Highly recommended Having purchased what I didn t realise was the fifth book in this very witty series some time ago, it had sat in my TBR pile waiting to to read I purchased the first book in the series Soulless and was hooked Alexis and Conall s latest adventure sees Alexis leaving England with Genevieve and Floote after Conall s rejection of the now pregnant Alexis Their travels in Europe are dogged by vampires determined to kill Alexis Meanwhile Conall realises his mistake and issues a very pubic apologythrow into this mix the disappearance of Lord Akeldama, a cross Queen Victoria and a very put upon Beta Randolf Lyall and a very drunk werewolf who has to go groveling after his wife and you get a very entertaining and funny tale Alexia is back with an infant inconvenience , an inebriated absent husband, some murderous vampires and a group of mechanical ladybird assassins This novel continues straight after its prequel Changeless and launches itself straight into the action Alexia has become exiled from her husband due to his doubts over the paternity of her unborn child, while he proceeds to beome the drunkest werewolf in England she immediately becomes the most scandalous woman in London Turned out of the family home, unable to return to Lord Maccon, Alexia finds herself in the company of her remaining friends, the ever faithful valet Floote and hat shop inventor Madame Lefoux With their help our heroine travels to Italy in search of information as to how her pregnant state is possible, sadly that knowledge must be extracted from the Templar Knights and they aren t too keen on soulless women.This is the third novel in Carriger s Parasol Protectorate series and her characters have all hit their stride Alexia is as feisty, stubborn, endangered and resourceful as ever An excellent all round heroine Her supporting characters are always a main source of comedy, wit and extreme etiquette in particular Floote and Professor Lyall are my favourites Both valet and werewolf Beta have the perfect combination of put upon servant and smart know it all.Carriger s novels are perfect for those readers looking for something a little different in their fantasy genre Their mixture of adventure, steampunk, alternative history, romance and action makes them unputdownable if such a term exists Im already looking forward to the next novel Heartless.

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