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Atticus the Storyteller: 100 Stories from Greece Atticus the Storyteller is determined to take part in the great Storytelling Festival near Troy He leaves his family in Crete and sets off on a year long journey round Greece with his donkey, Melissa and wherever he goes he tells his favourite myths to anyone who ll listenThemyths include all the favourites, such as the wanderings of Odysseus, the labours of Heracles, the stories of King Midas, Daedalus and Icarus, and Theseus and the Minotaur Atticus s journey takes the reader to all the sites of the myths and gives a captivating glimpse of how life was lived in Ancient GreeceThis is an unparalleled introduction to the Greek myths for younger children, excitingly told, wonderful to read aloud, and illustrated on every opening with lively, engaging, colourful pictures full of authentic detail In Orion s tradition of extra large great value story books, this is an outstandingly good resource for every family

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  1. Florence Florence says:

    5 for the stories on all 3 volumes Suitable for anyone over their sixth birthday adults too Interesting and educational, and the Greek Roman myths are fascinating cultural background for anyone in the western world.BUT a reduced rating for volume 3 because there is no list of titles so you have no idea which myth is where or even whether a particular myth is included It s a needle in a haystack Volume 1 and volume 2 both with 2 cds have a leaflet giving the titles of the individual myths, so you can pick and choose on these volumes Volume 3 has 3 cds good value, but no booklet.It is useful to be able to choose a favourite for instance, if in everyday life you come across a reference to eg Orpheus or Heracles or some other mythological character, you can pick one track out to show that particular story And some are interesting suitable for a child s interest than others So we end up not listening to volume 3 so much, which is a pity The three volumes are set out as one big story of Atticus going to compete in a storytelling competition, so to complete the big story you need to hear the last few tracks of the last cd of Volume 3, but the individual stories can stand alone.

  2. blue_skies_2000 blue_skies_2000 says:

    I got this for my seven year old daughter, but even my three year old was transfixed when I was reading it This amazing volume provides an accessible, engaging, and fairly comprehensive overview of Greek mythology The language is expertly balanced between a level enjoyable for adults and understandable by children The illustrations, nearly one on every other page, are colorful and bring the stories to life I thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as my two children, and would thoroughly recommend it.

  3. Urlwin House Urlwin House says:

    Bought this for my daughter after a trip to Cyprus where she was fascinated by the Greek myths I was able to half remember In this compendious book, 100 myths are beautifully told in short versions, just suitable for a bedtime story although I m often forced to read two or three of them They are perfectly pitched for any age the gorier details are referred to, but not spelled out, so a sensitive five year old, like my daughter, isn t scared by them However, I m sure a child who gets pleasure than she does from beheadings of monsters would find plenty to feed their imagination The myths have been made suitable for a young audience without losing their bite or being made twee Meanwhile, I to am enjoying reading them and reminding myself of these classic tales or discovering many of them for the first time.The framing of the myths with the journey of Atticus and his donkey Melissa isn t the best feature of the book, but contrary to other reviews it doesn t confuse my daughter Indeed, she quite likes it.I can see this is a book we could be reading together for years.

  4. Katelon Katelon says:

    We bought this book for our 6 year old son as an introduction to the Greek myths It s well written and beautifully illustrated and perfectly suitable for children of 6 It covers all the best known stories including the Trojan war linked by Atticus s journey across Greece to compete in a story telling competition I have to say after the first couple of times we read the book my son wasn t remotely interested in the linking bits about Atticus and his donkey and their journey what really caught his interest was the myths themselves We ve read the book as a whole about 5 times Now we just dip into it to read specific stories Very good value.

  5. Byzantium Byzantium says:

    I am just about to order my third copy of this wonderful book, having given my previous two copies to my grandchildren Forget the fact it is aimed at children up to about 10 12 years old, it can be read and enjoyed by any age group, even if only for the illustrations Local Junior schools appear to be covering Greece, Greek culture and Greek Mythology as part of the syllabus so I expect sales of this book to increase accordingly A great book to read to children and grandchildren at bedtime, each story just the right length to keep attention Thoroughly recommended, great value.

  6. NettieK NettieK says:

    Bought this book for 10 year old nephew He loves it Dories are just the right length to maintain interest levels A great buy

  7. digital dude digital dude says:

    Our family has been on tenterhooks for a year waiting for this, the final volume, of the lushly narrated Atticus the Storytellers 100 Greek Myths.Our youngest 10 has had the previous two volumes as her bedtime listening since they came out, and was delighted when the 3rd volume arrived especially as it is just as good as the previous two.We now have hours and hours of brilliantly told tales that will entertain for years to come.

  8. Mrs. G. M. Lee Mrs. G. M. Lee says:

    Beautiful engaging storybook,lovely illustrations and enjoyed time and time again since it was purchased Excellent value for money and supports children with the National Curriculum in History at Primary level.

  9. Laura J Laura J says:

    My mom read this book to all 3 of our kids when they were younger, and has since purchased a book for each one of them they are now teenagers as it s one of their all time favourites.

  10. stemacsand stemacsand says:

    My son has listened to this cd so much he knows the stories by heart.

  11. stemacsand stemacsand says:

    Wonderful telling a of the myths My son loves these.

  12. Mame-Yaa Busumtwi Mame-Yaa Busumtwi says:

    I read one or two stories from this book as a bedtime story to my 7 year old He loves it He has always loved Greek Mythology since he was 5 and this book just right for his age group.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    We bought our first copy of this book for our daughter when she was 8 and at 22 it s still one of her favourites I ve ended up buying countless copies for nieces and nephews and friends children Fabulous for the imagination with lots of short stories for bed time

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