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Brazilian Food Very good cookbook that really captures Brazil. Beautiful hardback book with colourful, embossed cover Bought it as a gift so have not tried any of the recipes but I flicked through the pages and the photographs are plentiful, evocative and really make you want to start cooking I noticed that some use some unusual, potentially difficult to get ingredients but I think this is part of the adventure and far preferable to a book that anglicizes and substitutes out things until the point that the recipe no longer resembles the original When I buy a book like this I want to cook and taste the authentic flavours of the country not a pale imitation Very tempted to buy a copy for myself Great book Top notch Brazil is a vast country with a cornucopia of fabulous ingredients and a wealth of ethnic culinary influences the result is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world In this ground breaking book, acclaimed young chef Thiago Castanho and internationally respected food writer Luciana Bianchi explore the best of Brazilian food and its traditions with thanrecipes that you ll want to try at home wherever you liveThe book includes recipes from a team of celebrated guest chefs from all over Brazil, including Roberta Sudbrack, Rodrigo Oliveira and Felipe Rameh Chapters celebrate the best food that Brazil s diverse cuisine has to offer including Small Bites, Street Food, Fish Seafood and Meat Poultry for Fire Grill Shot on location in Brazil by Rogerio Voltan, the book is a visual as well as culinary feastAs host nation for the World Cup inand the Olympics in , Brazil will be the focus of international attention, so now is the perfect time to discover its vibrant food culture and cook some of its gutsy, flavourful dishes at home

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