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Handling the Undead Something Very Peculiar Is Happening In Stockholm There S A Heatwave On And People Cannot Turn Their Lights Out Or Switch Their Appliances Off Then The Terrible News Breaks In The City Morgue, The Dead Are Waking UpWhat Do They Want What Everybody Wants To Come Home

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    This is a review of the Kindle version of the book I m unsure if the problems with this version are present in the print copy but if they are I am unsure how the book has garnered such high ratings.John Ajvide Lindqvist came to our attentions as a result of Let the Right One In, a vampire novel far removed from the usual stories about blood sucki

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    I am sure that you can tell from the last few reviews posted here that I have become a fan of Mr Lindqvist and upon reading this novel, no wonder.This is an excellent take on the rather tired and overdone zombie industry There are no rushing Zombie s imbued with tremendous powers rushing around gobbling people up 28 days later nor are there Romeroesque uns

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    Captivating from the outset, the thrilling story promised much However, it s conclusion left the reader feeling somewhat cheated There was no explanation for the events, a revelation, the expectation of which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, simply does not materialise The ending is much too convenient and leaves one grossly disappointed and frustrated.

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    I really enjoyed Let The Right One In and decided to give this book a go as well and am glad that I did I ll also say that this isn t a zombie story, it s something much bigger in scale.The beginning of the book is as unsettling as the unusual weather it describes and the response of the living to the return of their reliving loved ones is equally disturbing The careful depic

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