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Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain The Morningstar Virus Those Infected Suffer Delerium, Fever, Violent Behaviour And A Hundred Per Cent Mortality Rate But That S Not The Worst Of It The Victims Return From The Dead To Walk The Earth And When A Massive Military Operation Fails To Contain The Plague Of The Living Dead, It Escalates Into A Worldwide Pandemic On One Side Of The World, Thousands Of Miles From Home, A Battle Hardened General Surveys The Remnants Of His Command A Young Medic, A Veteran Photographer, A Rash Private, And Dozens Of Refugees All Of Them His Responsibility Meanwhile In The United States, An Army Colonel Discovers The Darker Side Of Morningstar And Collaborates With A Well Known Journalist To Leak The Information To The Public

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    If Dan Brown wrote a zombie novel it would be like this The characters are paper think, the plot rattles along at a quick pace taking no time to explain the characters, who they are, what they fears and motivations are and so you understand why they re doing things this way and so things just happen and they exp

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    I ve said before that Jonathan Maberry is responsible for my zombie obsession, but what I don t think I have spoken about before is that Z.A Recht s The Morningstar Strain series cemented my love for the undead As soon as I had finished Maberry s Patient Zero, I went on a hunt for another zombie book, and the first on

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    Wow. Plague of the Dead by the late, great Z.A Recht RIP. you were one hell of a good writer. is a heart pounding voyage into a viral undead apocalypse beyond your worst nightmares The Morningstar virus has a 100% mortality rate its victims become savage, hate driven cannibals who can only be stopped by a fatal blow to the

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    I came across Plague of The Dead, the first part of The Morningstar Strain by Z.A Recht when browsing one evening searching for zombie literature in particular It sounded my kind of novel, from the reviews of it from other readers and it seemed quite a modern take on the zombie apocalypse, from realistic origins This is told fro

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