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Digital Fashion Print: With Photoshop and Illustrator 120 pages of mediocre discussion and lots of full page underwhelming prints Then the meat of it is 50 pages of Photoshop tutorials which are just descriptions of Photoshop s basic features practically nothing about professional print making in the entire book Worthless. An Essential Book For All Those Working With Fashion And Design, Particularly Fashion Print Design It Covers All The Techniques For The Creation Of Fashion Prints Using The Most Popular Software, Photoshop And Illustrator With Step By Step Instructions And Handy Screen Grabs, Find Out How To Scan In Hand Drawn Motifs Or Illustration And Rework Into A Digital Pattern Work With Colour Create Stripes, Checks And Geometric Prints, With The Secret Of Seamless Repeats And How To Prepare Your Prints For Development Onto Real Fabric And Garments Contains Tips And Tricks From The Professionals And A Wealth Of Inspirational Images From Some Of The Best Print Designers Working Today Refreshed a lot I forgot, great book. Really interesting book, full of ideas very inspiring There are not many tutorials in this book and there is not much one can learn from this book Very disappointed with this purchase. this book is quite good , quite inspiring, very good information and tips The images are clear and bright and there are lots of ideas. Excellent pictures of design work with thorough step by step instructions on completing successful digital created designs.A very straightforward book to read and use for beginners. I bought this book after graduating Universisty to improve my digital fashion print skills I found the book perfect, very informative easy to read and follow step by step tutorial Gave me a clearer understanding on the subject and some great hint and tips on equipment

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