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Essential Mathematical Biology (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) This Self Contained Introduction To The Fast Growing Field Of Mathematical Biology Is Written For Students With A Mathematical Background It Sets The Subject In A Historical Context And Guides The Reader Towards Questions Of Current Research Interest A Broad Range Of Topics Is Covered Including Population Dynamics, Infectious Diseases, Population Genetics And Evolution, Dispersal, Molecular And Cellular Biology, Pattern Formation, And Cancer Modelling Particular Attention Is Paid To Situations Where The Simple Assumptions Of Homogenity Made In Early Models Break Down And The Process Of Mathematical Modelling Is Seen In Action

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    The book downloaded on the Kindle is barely legible and certainly not enjoyable with the poor formatting that is used The first few pages were ok but the condition deteriorates quickly.I am doing a summer project and this book looked perfect However I have now spent 20 on something I cannot use Please please update the Kindle edition so that it is th

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    Useful to provide understanding on topic Was looking for on molecular and cell biology covered in chapter 6 First 5 chapters cover population growth.

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    Very clear introduction to the topic, perfectly complements my undergrad Math Bio module well it would, the author is professor.

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    I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the basic theory and analysis of Mathematical Biology Thank youBrains 3 7 09

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    Interesting book Pedagogical.

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    This book introduces a variety of essential concepts and fundamental knowledge in the mathematical biology, such as SIR model, prey predator model and Turing Instability Thus, some students who are focusing on mathematics, ecology and even biochemistry, tend to find sparks in this book On the other hand, the basic mathematical techniques provided in the appendixes may daunt reade

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    I sent a sample of the Kindle version to my PC, where I read kindle books, and the readability was poor The figures and formulas are very hard to read fuzzy, in my opinion.

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    In a world in which the precision of the knowledge is fundamental the alive beings description and their relationships raisin the necessary being mathematically.However a lack of titles that you they can take this Mathematics to the professionals of the biological field exists.The title of this book summarizes in exemplary way that he intends and it gets.Fundamental reading for all those tha

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    The book came in very good shape But it is not as useful as I thought.

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