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Sky Trucks USA (Osprey Colour Classics) A volume in the COLOUR CLASSICS series of colour photographic books from the Osprey backlist This one features photographs of working propliners the DC 3s, firebombers, the 1929 vintage Ford 5ATC Trimotor, a Solent flying boat and the Spruce Goose at Long Beach.

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    As an unabashed fan of Stephen Piercey s work, I could not help but be curious about this book that bears a similar title as his works, as well as those of German authors, photographers, and aviation enthusiasts Morawietz and Weier Austin Brown and Mark Wagner have also published several such books, such as Big Props I decided to give it a try What could I lose In fact, I had everything to gain Like Morawietz and Weier, authors and photographers Brown and Wagner acknowledge the late Mr Piercey and have produced this volume as a follow up to the original Skytruck In 1991, the authors set out to see what kinds of propeller driven aircraft still ply the skies not in remote South American countries, but right in the USA Already, this book is a work of history, as so many of the aircraft depicted have sadly disappeared The authors examine Douglas aircraft, with emphasis on the DC 3 C 47 The next section is on firebombers, civilian and military propeller driven aircraft converted to aerial tankers to drop water or fire retardant on forest fires They then examine the famous Convairliners the 240, 340, 440, and turboprop conversions and the Curtiss C 46 Commando Perhaps the most interesting chapter is the one called Oddities, featuring aircraft ranging from a Ford Tri Motor used for scenic pleasure flights, giant C 133s and a C 124 now since scrapped, sorry to say ,multiple brilliant cockpit shots, and the famous Aeropacifico C 97 that only recently was reduced to scrap metal, an airliner certainly that deserved a much better fate Lockheed Hercules and converted Electras add to the scene, along with a B 17 at a gas station and a C 97 restaurant, both still standing, as of this writing And for good measure, we have Howard Hughes s Spruce Goose , a Caribou, a C 123 Provider, and a nice old Connie The final chapter, Scrap Metal shows the fate of most aircraft storage and eventual disposal.This is than a book on airplanes as with Stephen Piercey s masterpieces, this book is a snapshot of aviation history In addition, the captions are as entertaining as they are informative Stephen Piercey was a tough act to follow both the books of Morawietz and Weier, as well as those of Brown and Wagner, are worthy successors.

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