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The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking The Science Of Secrecy From Ancient Egypt To Quantum CryptographyFrom The Best Selling Author Of Fermat S Last Theorem, The Code Book Is A History Of Man S Urge To Uncover The Secrets Of Codes, From Egyptian Puzzles To Modern Day Computer EncryptionsAs In Fermat S Last Theorem, Simon Singh Brings Life To An Anstonishing Story Of Puzzles, Codes, Languages And Riddles That Reveals Man S Continual Pursuit To Disguise And Uncover, And To Work Out The Secret Languages Of OthersCodes Have Influenced Events Throughout History, Both In The Stories Of Those Who Make Them And Those Who Break Them The Betrayal Of Mary Queen Of Scots And The Cracking Of The Enigma Code That Helped The Allies In World War II Are Major Episodes In A Continuing History Of Cryptography In Addition To Stories Of Intrigue And Warfare, Simon Singh Also Investigates Other Codes, The Unravelling Of Genes And The Rediscovery Of Ancient Languages And Most Tantalisingly, The Beale Ciphers, An Unbroken Code That Could Hold The Key To A Million Treasure

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    This is a really fantastic book I bought this as a complete novice to code breaking whilst doing some research into Enigma, Alan Turing and the cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park in the Second World War, as I had just landed a part in an amateur production of Breaking the Code by Hugh White I wanted to know about what was involved

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    PhysicalMy book was printed in 2002, The book has ok quality paper and the fonts are of a readable size Target AudienceThis book is for A level upwards in my humble opinion What s it cover 1 the Cipher of Mary Queen of Scots, 2 Le Chiffre Indechiffrable, 3 the Mechanism of Secrecy, 4 Cracking the Enigma, 5 the Language Barrier, 6 Alice an

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    This book claims to be a history of the science of secrecy from Ancient Egypt to quantum cryptography In order to cover this ground the author sometimes strays into areas where secrecy was unintended, such as the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics and Minoan Linear B These subjects may be considered digressions, but in both cases considerable effort

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    I really enjoyed this history of code breaking, from its earliest beginnings Singh makes it accessible and interesting, though, to be honest, my little brain did start to rebel a bit at some of the explanations of the codes It s not that it was too mathemtical this is no a brief history of time, thank God , I guess my brain just isn t made that way Still a r

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    This could be my favourite book of all time Many friends had recommended it and it didn t disappoint Goes through early basic codes letter substitution for example through the WWII Enigma code which I almost feel like I could now crack and right into the modern age of computer cryptography and Internet Shopping although the book was bang up to date at the time, it is

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