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The Rough Guide to iPods, iTunes and Music Online (5th) (Rough Guide to iPods, iTunes, & Music Online) This book has brought back the excitement I experienced two years ago when I first got my IPod I share a laptop with my other half this means I don t get time to explore on Itunes I was getting bored with the same music on my iPod and the crazy unrelated variety of Genres I would get if I shuffled songs This almost pocket sized book is great I ve uploaded artwork and through podcasts, radio downloads I am excited about new music from all over the world, checking out bands websites and blogs If you re not really into computers but want to get out of your IPod this is a great place to start, my next chapter is Tagging and tidying, can t wait The Updated 5th Edition Of The Rough Guide To IPods, ITunes Music Online Is The Ultimate Companion To The Defining Gadget Of The Digital Music Era And An Essential Guide To Music And Video On The Net, On Your PC Or Mac, And In Your Pocket This New Edition Provides Full Coverage Of The Latest Apple Models, Including The IPod Classic, IPod Nano, IPod Shuffle, And The IPod Touch All The Latest Accessories And Software Are Road Tested With New Look ITunes 7 Covered In Full Detail This Bestselling Guide Includes A Fully Revamped Section On ITunes And Movies Video, Including The Low Down On The New Apple TV Hardware Everything You Need To Know About Buying Music From The ITunes Music Store, As Well As ITunes Plus , Which Offers High Quality, DRM Free Music This Book Helps You Discover How To Select The Right Model And Get The Best Deal, How To Import Your CDs And DVDs And Manage Your Music And Video Library, How To Digitize Music From Vinyl Or Cassette And Download From The Best Online Sites And Stores, All This Plus Much, Much.Whether You Already Have An IPod Or You Re Thinking Of Buying One, You Need This Book. This little book helped me decide to make the switch from my current MP3 player and go for an iPod It s so clearly written, so full of great advice and tips that it s been better than any user manual could possibly have been.Written with the usual wit and flair one expects from Rough Guides, this is an absolute must for anyone who is thinking of buying an iPod For once the blurb on the cover of a book is actually true You need this book An excellent little guide indeed. Essential reading which is concise, informative and well written The chapters and headings make navigation simple The book is also good value. Great little book for beginners who have never had an ipod before simple to understand. Really needed this very good

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