Star Trek The Next Generation: The U.S.S. Enterprise

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Star Trek The Next Generation: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook (Star Trek Illustrated Handbooks) For the first time ever The definitive illustrated guide of Captain Picard s Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation The Galaxy class USS Enterprise NCCD, presented indetail than ever before This deluxe hardcover of Captain Picard s Enterprise features the ship s operational history, illustrations of all the key locations including the bridge, main engineering and sickbay, equipment and auxiliary vehicles, plus explanations of the science and technologyWith isometric illustrations and technical information from official sources, this book provides an extraordinary reference guideSTAR TREK ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOKS is a series of books that provide in depth profiles of the STAR TREK universe, covering a wide range of topics from individual starships to races such as the Klingons Each full color, heavily illustrated reference work is packed with isometric illustrations, artwork, photographs and CG renders, and features detailed technical information from official sources