[Epub] ↠ Cubase SX: The Official Guide Author Michael Prochak – Tactical-player.co.uk

Cubase SX: The Official Guide Produced In Association With Steinberg, The Manufacturer Of Industry Standard Sequencing Application Cubase, This Is The Official Guide To The Next Generation In Home Studio Recording Software It Is A Simple, User Friendly Introduction To All Of Cubase SX S New Features, Instruments And Effects, Plus Practical Comparisons With Previous Generation Software Suitable For Musicians New To Cubase And SX And Those Transferring From Cubase VST, Cubase SX Contains All You Need To Know About The New Breed Of Sequencer This CRIMINALLY mistitled mess contains next to nothing on the operation of the software The software s PDF manual is SIX Million times informative If you are looking for a book to take you deeper into the workings of Cubase SX or even trying to access some feature in depth than the PDF covers LOOK ELSEWHERE gift for a friend I don t believe the author has a grasp on what Cubase SX is capable of If you are after a book that teaches you how to use any version of Cubase SX, you re better off RTFM google that if you re not sure I would be surprised if Steinberg would actually allow such an ineffective guide to one of their flagship products in fact the book actually makes Cubase seem quite weak and amateurish Hardly official if you ask me.Finally, the book is incomplete, and not easy to read, opinionated and simplistic.

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