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Cubase Vst - Tips & Tricks There S Not Much You Can T Do With Cubase VST But How Many Users Really Achieve Full Mastery Over The Program In This Highly Practical And Creative Book You Will Discover A Wealth Of Tips And Tricks To Help You Become Creative And Productive.The Manual Explains How VST Works But This Book Shows You How To Use It You Ll Find Tips On Optimising Your Computer System, Improving Your Grooves, Audio And MIDI Quantisation, Using Dynamic Events, Arranging, Recording, Synchronisation, Using The Editors, Mixing, Fader Automation, Audio Processing, Using Audio Effects, EQ, Troubleshooting, And Much, Much An Essential Book For All Cubase VST Users Who Want To Get The Most Out Of This Powerful Program I bought this for a fellow musician who was delighted with it He particularly liked the screen shots and said it would be of far better help to him understanding the program than the users manual Well laid out and full of helpful tips.

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