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Making Music on the Apple Mac All Mac Computers Are Suitable For Recording Music But Which One You Choose Depends Very Much On What You Want To Do Whether You Re A Singer Songwriter, A Band Member, A Dance Music Producer, A Composer, Or A Music Educator, This Book Will Point You In The Right DirectionThere S A Section On Setting Up Your Studio And Configuring Your Audio And MIDI Interfaces For Optimum Performance Step By Step Projects Show You How To Record With GarageBand, An Easy To Use Package With Hundreds Of Instruments And Loops, That S Free With Every Mac And When Your Masterpiece Is Complete, Learn How To Organise Your Music, Create Playlists, Burn CDs And Publish Your Music On The Net Making Music Is Now Easier Than Ever On The Mac

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    It was easy to understand

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    Like nearly everything else in our culture, music is becoming on and digitalized Performers, producers, composers, and other music related parties are coming to rely and on computers, especially Apple Macintosh computers, to assist them in their endeavors If you re in one of these categories of mus

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    For anyone that is looking to record music onto their computer, the Macintosh is the best option going today For decades, all superusers that record music or work on digital imagery know that the Macintosh is the best computer out there to get the job done and done right If you are interested in learning how to

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    This is a very thin book It s about 100 pages and it covers a lot in that frame The book takes you end to end, from buying the hardware, to using the software, to burning the CDs And it does it at an absolutely lightning pace.For the money this is a good introduction But if you are looking for something about GarageBand i

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