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Fast Guide to Cubase SX The Fast Guide To Cubase SX Provides All The Information You Need To Quickly Master The Essentials Of The Software And Also Explores Advanced Techniques The Book Covers All The Important Aspects Of The Program Including Recording And Editing In The Project Window, Mixing In The Mixer, Audio Looping And Editing In The Sample Editor, And Detailed MIDI Editing In The The MIDI Editors Installation And Setting Up Are Explained, And Detailed Information On Audio And MIDI Recording Techniques, EQ, Compression, Gating, Limiting, Effects And Mix Automation Are All Featured Projects Throughout The Book Describe Cubase SX In A Number Of Recording And Editing Situations, Providing Valuable Practical Insights Into How Best To Use The Program For Specific TasksThis Third Edition Includes Coverage Of The New Functions Of Version It Features Numerous Revisions And Additions Throughout The Text Providing Information And Cubase Know How Than Ever Before In Addition, Speed Tips And A Powerful Macro Library Help Take Your Music Production And Programming To The Next LevelTopics Covered Include Installing And Setting Up, The Project Window, The Mixer, The Key, List And Drum Editors, The Audio Part Editor, The Sample Editor, The Pool, Audio Effects Plug Ins, MIDI Effects Plug Ins, Audio And MIDI Theory, Quantize, EQ, Compression, Gating, Looping, Filtering, Mixing, Mix Automation, Synchronisation, Dither, VST Instruments, Surround Sound And MuchSimon Millward Is A Music Software Specialist He Has A Master Of Science Degree In Music Technology From The University Of York, UK Originally Trained As A Musician And Subsequently As A Sound Engineer, His Interest In Software Sequencers And Virtual Studio Instruments Has Established Him As One Of The UK S Foremost Cubase Experts If you use Sx, then the price these books can be picked up for means that you might just as well have one.What it is not a fast guide, the book goes into considerable depth in the complex world of cubase.I did not manage to find answers to all my problems with this book despite its overall thouroughness, but it is a good reference to have to hand. The title of this book is a little misleading if you think it will get you up and running fast It should be renamed The Comprehensive Guide there is so much info and the detail the author goes into is awesome I have read several other tutorial books for software sequencers and have to say that this is by far the most boring read I have ever had to endure, the author writes with no personality, this would not be a bad thing if it was meant to be a straight forward manual but it is supposed to be a tutorial book.The book is cheaply made and the binding began to fall apart quite soon, it smells bad like it is made from toxic chemicals, also I found it would not stay open and kept closing itself which was infuriating The writting is not dark enough and is too small and goes right up to the center edge of the page which makes it difficult to read.The info therein is priceless and the author is very knowledgeable indeed if a little bland , however it could have been produced with a lot care hence the two stars. it was a gift for a friend

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