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Creating Digital Photobooks: How to Design and Self-publish Your Own Books, Albums and Exhibition Catalogues Very informative Well worth the purchase. Great Product The book was much better than I expected, given some of the reviewers who were not happy One big surprise lists the book as 128 pages, yet it was actually 32 pages longer, at 160 pages It does not bother me that software specific instructions are missing, as the book is designed to be inspirational and portray the range of photo book possibilities I like the 2 page spreads devoted to each photo book idea.If I do a photo book layout myself, I would use Open Source software like Scribus rather than Adobe InDesign So, actually I did not want a book telling me how to use Adobe s product If I hire someone to implement my ideas, I ll let them handle InDesign probably cost less to pay someone else to do the layout than for me to buy, learn to use, and pay Adobe endless upgrade fees or see the software license expire with each Windows machine upgrade Overall, I think Tim Daly, the author, did a good job handling the software side, being conceptual the software particulars will all change over time, anyway. English Photographer Tim Daly has provided a useful guide to making digital photobooks and provided sources for getting the work done This 160 page illustrated digital photobook consists of seven chapters along with a short introduction and sections called References and resources, Jargon buster and a useful index The various illustrated chapters are on Printing on Demand, Inspirational Themes, Image file preparation, Book Design Tools, Layout Styles, Type and Page Design and Alternative Styles Each chapter has several two page subchapters that break the over all subject into smaller sections For instance, Chapter 1, Printing on Demand, has eight sub sections How printing on demand works Book formats, Book covers, Binding options, Bespoke books a particularly interesting method of book publishing and How to Sell Your Books Chapter 2, Inspirational themes includes subs such as Land and Light, Urban Spaces, Exhibition catalogues and Portfolio books Much of the book is about how to design, layout, add type fonts to your individual books It also provides basic information for using software programs such as iPhoto and BookSmart to get your book ready to be printed and then supplies contacts for possible printers Whether you are a wedding photographer preparing albums for your clients or simply creating family and baby books or portfolio collections and or Exhibition Catalogues, this book is chuck full of helpful, current information This is an excellent introduction to the overall subject It doesn t go into too much depth but still provides the would be book maker no pun intended the information they need to get things rolling It s well worth the purchase price. You can see how photobooks looks like, there is everything to see, but not a one piece of advice how to do our own book There is some basic Photoshop advice, how to resize image, how to adjust contrast, but if you want to do your own book you will be advised to use online services. arrived in great condition Just starting to read. Ever Since The Earliest Days Of Photography The Production And Publication Of A Book Of Their Own Work Has Been One Of The Dreams Of Most Photographers, But One That Would Remain A Fantasy For All But That Tiny Minority Who Could Attract The Attention Of Commercial Publishers But Now, With The Advent Of Digital Printing Technology, The Cost Of Producing Your Own Photobook Can Be Less Than The Price Of A Packet Of Inkjet Paper And, Thanks To The Internet, The Costs And Complications Of Disseminating The Finished Product Have Been Dramatically Reduced Moreover, You Can Use Your Desktop Computer To Design, Print, Advertise And Distribute You Own Photobook Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Home Or Office Whether Your Aim Is To Promote Your Work, Display It To Other Photographers, Create A Record Of The Results Of A Personal Project Or Simply Entertain Family And Friends, The Digital Photobook Offers A Practical, Economical Means Of Producing A Unique, High Quality Product Of Which You Can Be Proud Tim Daly Has Been Making Hand Made Books Of His Own Photographs For Over Twenty Five Years And Is An Enthusiastic Evangelist For The New Opportunities Opened Up By The Combination Of Digital Printing And On Line Service Providers In This Book He Shows Readers With No Prior Knowledge Of Graphic Design, Printing, Publishing Or Even Photography How, Without Using Specialist Design Software, They Can Make A Collection Of Their Most Prized Images Available In The Most Interactive, Permanent And Portable Form Possible A Book

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