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Ruler and Compass: Practical Geometric Constructions (Wooden Books) Geometry is so important, this small book lays out the ways of many shapes obtainable with compass and ruler How Do You Draw A Heptagon What About A Heptakaidecagon How Do You Fit Circles Perfectly Into Triangles And Around Them If The Computer Is Down Could You Do It With Ruler And Compass In This Unique Little Book, Andrew Sutton Guides You Through The Once Treasured Principles Of Ruler And Compass Constructions, Used For Centuries By Architects, Carpenters, Stonemasons And Master Craftsmen Designed To Last Until The Lights Go Out, This Is A Timeless Book WOODEN BOOKS Are Small But Packed With Information Fascinating FINANCIAL TIMES Beautiful LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS Rich And Artful THE LANCET Genuinely Mind Expanding FORTEAN TIMES Excellent NEW SCIENTIST Stunning NEW YORK TIMES Small Books, Big Ideas Brilliant Everything I never learnt at school Can t read any of the text on Kindle or tablet If you copy and paste it into Note, it is then readable.Drawings are very useful however. it was a gift He liked it. A truly excellent piece of work that filled so many gaps in my knowledge Such a handy size to cart about and dip into as well I use if for reference constantly at the moment as i m doing some work that demands the use of a ruler and compass Bought Quadrivium too which comes from the same stable. Got this just to see what could be done with compasses warm memories of school days and new stuff too Good illustrations, text not impenetrable, if you like geometry and constructing stuff, have a look at this.

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