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Step-by-Step Digital Black and White Photography - 005 (Step-by-Step Digital Photography Series) Understanding The Subtle Nature Of Black And White Photography Is An Essential Skill For Any Photographer, And An Aspiration Of The Many Who Are Trying To Master Photography In General With New Emerging Digital Technology, The Problems And Possibilities Of Black And White Photography Are Many And Varied This Book Looks Not Only At The Traditional Skills, Such As The Ability To See In Black And White, But Also Provides Step By Step Tutorials That Cover The New Tricks That Come With Digital Manipulation Everything Behind The Perfect Composition Is Explained, Ranging From Pattern And Symmetry To The Quality Of Light, And The Volume Is Illustrated With Inspirational Photos Throughout When Matters Turn To Manipulation, Easy To Follow Instructions Reveal How To Achieve Great Looking Images, From A Simple Black And White Conversion To Emulating One Of Many Traditional Effects In Addition, There Is Detailed Coverage Of Exciting New Ways To Present Photographs, Whether It Be Special Art Papers And Printing Methods, Or How To Create A DVD Showcase

8 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Digital Black and White Photography - 005 (Step-by-Step Digital Photography Series)

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    Book is a few years old now but the information is still relevant Good value.

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    This is quite a good book but I did not find it that easy to follow Also editing could be better, chapter on Dodging and burning mostly about darking skies, but chapter on darking skies about burning Also chapter on correct exposure no mention of the camera s histogram Suggest you also look at Tony Worobiec s Black White in the Digital Age and Mi

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    This superb book explores the finer aspects to creating and manipulating black and white photographs in Photoshop Intermediate and advanced techniques are layed out before you in a clear, simple and well explained format with plenty of images, diagrams and dialogues that explain and illustrate the techniques Even the odd cursory glance through this boo

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    There is some good material here, but many weaknesses The book seems to be aimed at beginners, since it includes very basic introductions to equipment, but in other places it assumes an advanced knowledge of Photoshop For example, key concepts such as the use of Levels are not explained The books also compromised by sloppy sub editing for example, images wit

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    I picked up a copy of this book last week and have totally enjoyed the experience of seeing through the author s eyes The book is layed out in a logical way creatively teaching the art and science of seeing in black and white Rules of compostition are illustrated with the authors fantastic black and white work It works well as a guide and reference and just lookin

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    A fairly comprehansive guide to the production of monochrome pictures from your digital cameras This could in places be clearer written, it is not a book you can sit with your computer beside you This is a fairly large tome but it does what the author sets out and that is to produce better black and white pictures from digital images.

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    This has been the best book I have read in recent months as I perfect my digital photography skills It is well written and seems to encourage you to keep reading to the end in one go Some of the techniques explained in this book will help with both colour and B W photography.

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    Having produced prints in my black and white darkroom for many years, I have now made the decision to now work in digital big step at the age of 60 This book has been my bible and is constantly by my side at the computer EXCELLENT.

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