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Photoshop Elements Drop Dead Photography Techniques: A Step-by-step Guide to Transforming Your Digital Photographs into Fun and Fantasy Images Very easy to understand I got some very good ideas from it. Are You A Frustrated Digital Photographer, Keen To Experiment Beyond Everyday Image Correction And Enhancement Then This Is The Book For You This Practical, Hands On Guide Takes You Further Than Merely Correcting Exposure, Boosting Contrast, And Fixing Colour Casts, And Guides You Through The Full Range Of Amazing Special Effects That Can Be Created Using Photoshop Elements Packed With Hints And Tips On Everything You Need To Know, From Simple Image Editing Tricks To Building Ambitious Digital Montages, It Gives You The Inside Track On Just How To Achieve Professional Looking Photo Effects. I bought this book already having a little knowledge of digital image manipulation but was impressed at the subject matter and the ease in which you can follow the instructions Unfortunately theres not a disk with the original images with the book so youd not normally be able to recreate the exact images within but i have to add this I was very very impressed with the customer service offered me by the publishers when i asked for any assistance in obtaining these images A friendly email reply was received with details of a few of them and an apology for not being able to include them all Excellent You have to buy this book The window cleaner on an eyeball is fantastic I hope this review helps you Ive had great fun trying out some of these techniques and hope you do too. I have read several Photoshop Elements books and have been working with Elements for over a year now I consider myself a competent user of Elements.If you are a beginner I would not recommend this book at all The examples are very hard to follow It does not come with the images on a CD so you can follow along you have to go to a site and download them one at a time, if you can find the site Even then the instructions do not explain well why you do something For a beginner I would highly recommend a book like Photoshop Elements 5 the missing manual or The Photoshop Elements 5 Restoring Retouching Book.If you are a advanced user I would also suggest to stay away from this book unless you want some ideas for projects or images to use Otherwise it s useless. Great read, very helpful highly recommend if you need to learn any version this will work for you every time This was a very good Photoshop tutorial book for anyone who wanted to explore in depth with Photoshop techniques. This will get your mind moving..your creativity will start happening I am please with this book..I think you will to. The problem with this book is that not all the photo s in the book are available for download This is the main reason I give this book 1 star I have another book from Lark Books Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques , and there are missing images for that book also I will never buy from Lark Books again I tried emailing the publisher and the website where the images are at No one has replied to me.

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