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Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook for Digital Photographers: 49 Easy-to-follow Recipes to Fix Problem Photos and Create Amazing Effects (Ilex Digital Studio) The Power Of Adobe S Flagship Application, Photoshop, Is Legendary Buried Deep Within Its Palettes, Menus, Tools, And Dialog Boxes Lie Features That Are Either So Little Understood Or Simply So Demanding Of Time That They Have Never Had Their Full Potential Aired One Of These Features, Blending Modes , Controls How Pixels In An Image Are Affected By Combining The Image With The Same Or Another Image In Itself, A Simple Enough Process However, The Sheer Number And Variety Of Options, And The Way Different Colours Behave When Blends Are Applied, Means That It Requires Endless Hours Of Trial And Error To Discover How A Particular Blending Mode Or Combination Of Blends Will Affect An Image And Now, With The Recent Explosion Of The Digital Photography Phenomenon, A Whole New Variety Of Image Maker Has Entered The Photoshop Studio The Digital Art Photographer These Enthusiasts, With Their Voracious Appetite For Creative Imagery, Demand An Easy Route Into Learning Everything That Photoshop Has To Offer Amazingly, No Book Has Ever Attempted To Exploit And Explain The Hidden Power Of This Incredible Feature Of Photoshop Until Now The Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook For Digital Photographers Explains Everything There Is To Know About Blending Modes How They Work And What They Can Be Used For And Provides, In A Clearly Laid Out Format, Hundreds Of Ready Made Recipes For The Enthusiast To Examine, Without Having To Waste Hours On Fruitless Experimentation. Many end users are aware of the countless features that Adobe has provided within Photoshop One of the most powerful features that many operators do not use or forget to use is the blending features These can be found within each layer and are essential to the many creative tools found in Photoshop These tools provide different blending capabilities that can address the creative professional.This book addresses these needs and is an excellent creative resource to guide users to use these powerful blending features found within Photoshop This publication is well written and is easy for many beginners to follow, yet it also addresses the needs of the professional seasoned Photoshop user.There is a great amount of publications about Photoshop this is one of the finest I have encountered The information is valuable and this book is reasonably priced compared to some that are full of fluff and useless O Reilly places valuable information within the reach of the masses that will not require a second mortgage.This book actually rates 4 1 2 stars If you have the need, it comes highly recommended. Ive bought several Photoshop books over the last two years, but I dont think Ive seen any other book on the subject that goes into as much detail as this one This isnt really a book for beginners, so if youre looking for a book that teaches you the basics of the programme, then this probably isnt for you But if you have already discovered the blending modes feature and want to learn , then this book is a goldmine Its also nice to see a well designed, well produced book covering photoshop Most of them are a little bit samey and unimaginative, but this one really shines. This book does just what it says on the tin If you are a photo purist, railing at adultered photographs, this is not for you If, however,youve got a taste for something a little off the wall, this book shows you how.Fun. Realizing that there could be many practitioners in the digital fine arts community who likely will strongly object to the title of this book cookbook, recipes, etc , and noting that the biggest chunk of the book is taken up with the forty eight picture making prescriptions without any real insights into why they were selected , it does have some things to strongly recommend it First, it deals comprehensively with one of the least well documented of the creative feature sets within Photoshop the blending modes Second, the author manages to encompass a lot of creative options without really using genuine montage that is, he blends together different versions of the same starting image, without introducing totally different image subjects as separate Photoshop image layers Third, the author deliberately restricts the use of other tools within the context of the book for example, only Gaussian Blur and Find Edges are utilized with any regularity from the Photoshop Filters menu And fourth, he has come up with a neat way of documenting the settings used in the blending undertaken, which simplifies reproducing the procedures The recipes yuk turn out to be as easy as, well, making different flavors of fudge yummy Despite all these pluses, the book suffers from numerous editing and layout problems There are typographical mistakes, there are missing page numbers , and the format is quite confusing and is only saved in some instances by the fact that there are lots of fairly large example images, so that it s possible to see what was done, without needing to follow the text.Finally, potential purchasers should know that one of the author s favourite blend modes is Hard Mix , which was initially introduced in Photoshop CS, but remains a sort of oddball in the full list of blending modes Personally, I ve found no good reason to upgrade beyond Photoshop version 7, and would note that there are independent means of simulating, and even exceeding, what Hard Mix is shown to provide in the book Overall, it seems to me that the attributes of the book outweigh its negative points and that it might be useful to consider as a way of expanding creative image building options for those with interests in web based graphics as well as advanced photography and fine art. I guess it depends on how you learn This book has recipes for various looks using Photoshop s Blending Modes The examples generally include several different kinds of photos The result is that you get to see what happens to photos of things, people, landscapes, etc using the same or similar recipes The author also tells you when he did things a little differently for one or two kinds of photos, and why.I ve seen a lot of this stuff before, but found that I learned a lot from how this book is laid out It should also make it a lot easier to find, and use, a specific technique for a specific problem.Because I am a digital scrapbooker, I might find all of this a lot useful than some other people who use Photoshop I m not only manipulating photos when I scrapbook, I am also making and manipulating digital papers and elements These techniques would be extremely useful for scrapbooking. Although most of the recipes are for artistic finishes, which I enjoy very much, I ve learned so much about how the blend modes work It has taken my creativity to a new level I also keep the book on hand for quick ideas If you enjoy editing artistically, this book is for you. A great book on how to use blending modes with great descriptions and examples EXCELLENT LITTLE BOOK, WELL ILLUSTRATED, AND CLEARLY LAYING OUT THE BENDING MODES IN PHOTOSHOP, WITH SOME INTERESTING TECHNIQUES AND TIPS. This is not a book for beginners Shows blending techniques and effects in a very focused way Should only be considered by those who are indeed interested in these fields.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook for Digital Photographers: 49 Easy-to-follow Recipes to Fix Problem Photos and Create Amazing Effects (Ilex Digital Studio) book, this is one of the most wanted John Beardsworth author readers around the world.

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